Сталинградская битва / А.М. Самсонов. (OCLC #19833387)

Under AACR2, edition statements had specific abbreviations to be used for English words like “First” and “Edition”, and also for words in other languages and alphabets, like “издание” and “исправленный”, detailed in Appendix B.

While this was nice and short for catalog cards, this abbreviation coupled with romanization makes edition statements more difficult to recognize when copy cataloging if you are not familiar with the language. For example, this title has the edition statment “Четвертое издание, исправленное и дополненное” which is recorded in the AACR2 copy as:

250 __ ǂa 4-e izd., ispr. i dop.

Under RDA, the Edition Statement is transcribed fully as it appears on the piece, and also in the same language/script (unless the alternative to RDA 1.4 is followed), requiring fewer look-ups in original cataloging and making copy easier to recognize.

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