Introduction to agronomy : food, crops, and environment / Craig C. Sheaffer, Kristine M. Moncada. (OCLC #751835117)

Today is our last day working in Voyager; in January we go live with Alma and Primo. I will miss you, Voyager! (and your hierarchy button!)


From zero to puberty and other life stories : tales, confessions, and musings of a baby boomer / T.J. Donnelly. (OCLC #930875033)

I quickly assigned a subject heading to this title:

650 _0 ǂa Baby boom generation ǂv Biography.

but struggled to find a good call number. Often classes of people have a subclass; for example:

  • QD – Chemistry
  • QD21 – Biography of chemists (collective)
  • QD22 – Biography of chemists (individual)

There are also ranges for biographies of people associated with various locations (for example, F450 for Kentucky) but this author has lived in at least Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, and Nevada.

I also assigned a form subdivision for –Humor to bring out that aspect

650 _0 ǂa Baby boom generation ǂv Humor.

which led me to a better call number, PN6231.B22 (Wit and humor, Special topics A-Z, Baby boom generation) which in LC’s catalog contained many similar books. I cuttered by author to get:

    090 __ ǂa PN6231.B22 ǂb F76 2015

Nuove curiosità storiche / Benedetto Croce. (OCLC #932131129)

This facsimile reprint has an added title page (for the new publisher), which is fortunate, as the included facsimile of the title page has part of the author’s name erased:

RDA on recording statement of responsibility for facsimiles and reproductions says to record the statement or statements of responsibility relating to the facsimile or reproduction, so I got to use the correct version:

245 10 ǂa Nuove curiosità storiche / ǂc Benedetto Croce.

It also sayes to record any statement of responsibility relating to the original manifestation as a statement of responsibility of a related manifestation. I could have done so as described in RDA 27.1 but decided against it; as it actually is correct on the original piece (which I also have in hand).


Irish Yankee : an Irish immigrant’s journals of service in the U.S. military 1916-1919 / by Thomas J. Kirk ; transcribed and annotated by Terrence R. Tingle. (OCLC #931693702)

Though Thomas J. Kirk died in 1951 (many years before the publication of his journals), he is still considered their author (a creator):

    100 1_ ǂa Kirk, Thomas J., ǂe author.

His grandson, Terrence R. Tingle, who transcribed and annotated those journals, is considered their editor (a contributor):

    700 1_ ǂa Tingle, Terrence R., ǂe editor.

This CD-ROM was sent to cataloging; it is a database with a product key allowing it to be installed/used on one computer. Though we could have cataloged the database on the media in hand, it would not be useful to our patrons, as it cannot circulate or be used in that format in the library. We forwarded it on to the branch library, who will work with Library IT to get it installed, and we will catalog it as an electronic resource once we know more details.


One exciting part of pulling all of your data into a single discovery service is that, when you see wacky things in the display, it’s not immediately obvious where they came from! From a meeting yesterday, after a random search:

“Does that say JERK? Wait, ‘This collection is rad?’ Is someone playing a joke? How long ago? Is that from the vendor, or did it migrate in from our SFX? How many journals is this showing up on?“

After the meeting while we were all hunting through various systems, somebody remembered that our trainer had added those notes, demonstrating public notes, and that they were only showing up on the test system. Whew.


The Tokyo trial : recollections and perspectives from China / editor, Center for the Tokyo Studies of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. (OCLC #931081068)

RDA on what to do when the Date of Publication is not identified says to supply the date or approximate date of publication; there is no provision for recording a phrase like “[date of publication no identified]” or similar.

This volume had no date for publication, copyright, distribution, manufacture, and neither publisher mentions the book on the web site, so we looked to the content to determine an approximate date.

One of the chapters includes a brief biography of Ni Zhengyu including the fact that he passed away in 2003. This was the latest date we found, so we recorded it as:

[not before 2003]

Waro Kishi + K Associates / Waro Kishi. (OCLC #922302784)

This stack of ten volumes are not numbered, but they share an ISBN:

    978-89-97603-28-2 (set)

I didn’t see a set title indicated on the volumes, so used the title from the architect’s web site and indicated that in a note.

The individual volumes don’t have numbering, so I used the order/numbering from another catalog record:

505 0_ ǂa [v. 1]. Kim House 1987 2011 -- [v. 2]. House in Nipponbashi
    -- [v. 3]. House in Higashi-Osaka, House in Shimogamo -- 
    [v. 4]. House in Fukaya -- [v. 5]. House in Kurakuen I, II -- 
    [v. 6]. House in Wakayama -- [v. 7]. Hu-Tong House -- 
    [v. 8]. House on Musashino-Hills -- [v. 9]. Glashaus -- 
    [v. 10]. House in Yamanoi.

I also included title added entries for each title:

700 12 ǂa Kishi, Warō, ǂd 1950- ǂt Kim House 1987 2011. 
710 12 ǂa Kishi, Warō, ǂd 1950- ǂt House in Nipponbashi.

in part to provide a good description, but also because they seem like likely searches for other catalogers with the volumes in hand.