Sämtliche Werke und Briefwechsel : historisch-kritische Ausgabe mit Faksimiles der handschriftlichen Texte Trakls / herausgegeben von Eberhard Sauermann und Hermann Zwerschina ; im Auftrag des Forschungsinstituts “Brenner-Archiv” der Universität Innsbruck. (OCLC #34642140)

When copy cataloging sets, it’s important to look at the set as a whole while searching for copy, not just the first volume. This one fooled me twice!

Volumes in this set were published in different years, not in order, and in somewhat of a wide range. Volume 1 was published in 2007, but Volume 2 was published in 1995. Looking only at Volume 1, I might have discounted the excellent record for the set with publication statement:

264 _1 Basel ; ǂa Frankfurt am Main : ǂb Stroemfeld/Roter Stern,
    ǂc 1995-

Also, the volume I initially assumed was the first one (given the spine label V.1) turned out to be Volume 5, Part 1; the existence of V.2 (the second part of Volume 5) was extra convincing. Volume 4 also has two parts, so the labels “IV.1” and “IV.2” gave me an extra clue that something weird was happening.


This pair of volumes can be cataloged together on a single set record, although a slightly different group of people worked on each one. Where to get the statement of responsibility?

RDA on statements of responsibility associated with the title proper says to give highest preference to the statement found on the same source as the title proper. So where is that taken from, for a set?

RDA on Comprehensive Description for Resources Issued in More Than One Part says “If the resource has sequentially numbered issues or parts, choose a source of information identifying the lowest numbered issue or part available.” Following this instruction, I used the statement of responsibility from (unnumbered, but implied) Part 1:

the Finnish Committee for the Restoration of Viipuri Library ; editors: Eric Adlercreutz, Leif Englund, Maija Kairamo, Tapani Mustonen and Vezio Nava ; translation from Finnish: Gareth Griffiths and Kristina Kölhi.

But what about the differing statement of responsibility on part 2?

the Finnish Committee for the Restoration of Viipuri Library ; editors: Eric Adlercreutz, Maija Kairamo, Tapani Mustonen ; translation from Finnish: Gareth Griffiths and Kristina Kölh.

RDA on Recording Changes in Statements of Responsibility for multipart monographs says to make a note if a statement of responsibility is added, deleted, or changed on a subsequent part of a multipart monograph
and the addition, deletion, or change is considered important for identification or access. As the only change is that part two has fewer editors (and no new ones), I did not consider this important for identification, so did not make such a note.


Nachalo ochenʹ khoroshego letnego dni︠a︡ : (simfonii︠a︡) ; Otet︠s︡ i dochʹ ; Svi︠a︡zʹ ; U Kolkova zabolela ruka / Daniil Kharms ; risoval Stansilav Zhit︠s︡kiĭ. (OCLC #38698598)

This set of books is published in a case together; though it has no collective title for the set, we can still catalog the books together on one record. All titles are included in the title field, separated by semicolons (ISBD

    245 10 ǂa Nachalo ochenʹ khoroshego letnego dni︠a︡:
        ǂb (simfonii︠a︡) ; Otet︠s︡ i dochʹ ; Svi︠a︡zʹ ; U Kolkova
        zabolela ruka / ǂc Daniil Kharms ; risoval Stansilav 

which may only provide title access to the first title in the list. OCLC’s Bib Formats documentation for 246 clarifies that “for items including several works but lacking a collective title, field 246 is used only for titles related to the title selected as the title proper, usually the first work named in the chief source of information. Titles related to other works are recorded in field 740”:

    740 02 ǂa Otet︠s︡ i dochʹ.
    740 02 ǂa U Kolkova zabolela ruka.
    740 02 ǂa Svi︠a︡zʹ.

The unreliable bestiary : an ark of stories about animals, our relationships with them, & the world they inhabit / Deke Weaver. (OCLC #957129744)

We got several of these DVDs in our fine arts library, parts of the Unreliable bestiary, a series of performances about endangered species and their habitats, one for each letter of the alphabet. So far, we had wolf, bear, elephant.

So how to catalog? One record per animal? All together as a set? As a serial?

We felt that not much would be gained by cataloging the pieces on individual records; our cataloger in the Fine Arts library said their patrons would be most interested in knowing about the performances as a group (and we found it less likely that researchers on wolves, bears, elephants would benefit from subject access for their particular animals), so we decided to catalog them together. As the series has a pre-determined (if far-off) ending, we don’t consider this a serial, and cataloged the works as a set.


Aiol : chanson de geste (XIIe-XIIIe siècles) / éditée par Jean-Marie Ardouin d’après le manuscrit unique BnF fr. 25516. (OCLC #949848973)

For most sets, we try to record the enumeration on individual volumes as it appears (or as an abbreviation of how it appears) on the piece. For example:

  • Volume 1 – v.1
  • 2 – no.2
  • Tom 3 – t.3
  • Band 4 – Bd.4

This set used an unusual enumeration: a single * for the first volume, and two of them (**) for the second volume. It appears that way on both the spines and title pages.

In odd cases like this, we default to numbering as volumes: v.1, v.2


Waro Kishi + K Associates / Waro Kishi. (OCLC #922302784)

This stack of ten volumes are not numbered, but they share an ISBN:

    978-89-97603-28-2 (set)

I didn’t see a set title indicated on the volumes, so used the title from the architect’s web site and indicated that in a note.

The individual volumes don’t have numbering, so I used the order/numbering from another catalog record:

505 0_ ǂa [v. 1]. Kim House 1987 2011 -- [v. 2]. House in Nipponbashi
    -- [v. 3]. House in Higashi-Osaka, House in Shimogamo -- 
    [v. 4]. House in Fukaya -- [v. 5]. House in Kurakuen I, II -- 
    [v. 6]. House in Wakayama -- [v. 7]. Hu-Tong House -- 
    [v. 8]. House on Musashino-Hills -- [v. 9]. Glashaus -- 
    [v. 10]. House in Yamanoi.

I also included title added entries for each title:

700 12 ǂa Kishi, Warō, ǂd 1950- ǂt Kim House 1987 2011. 
710 12 ǂa Kishi, Warō, ǂd 1950- ǂt House in Nipponbashi.

in part to provide a good description, but also because they seem like likely searches for other catalogers with the volumes in hand.


Latinoi︠a︡zychnye istochniki po istorii Drevneĭ Rusi. Germanii︠a︡ / [sostavlenie, perevod, kommentariĭ M.B. Sverdlova ; otvetstvennye redaktory, A.D. Li︠u︡blinskai︠a︡, A.K. Gavrilov]. (OCLC #21908784)

Using a specific date to limit your search may be quick, but may make limit your search too strongly. If your title is a later part of a set (which may not be obvious), the date on the title page may not be the same as the date on the set record (probably the date of its first volume). For example, this volume had 1990 on its title page, but is a volume of a set whose publication started in 1989.

If you need to narrow by date, try starting with a date range, like:


Russkai︠a︡ istorii︠a︡ v sravnitelʹno-istoricheskom osveshchenii : osnovy sot︠s︡ialʹnoĭ dinamiki : N. Rozhkov ; [predislovie B. Nevskogo]. (OCLC #9738364)

The title page of this piece says both “том второй” (volume 2)
and “издание третье” (third edition). Does this mean it is volume 2 of the third edition?

An OCLC record for a two-volume set clarifies the situation:

500 __ ǂa T. 1 is 4th ed. and t. 2 is 3rd ed.

A history of blacks in Kentucky. Volume 2, In pursuit of equality, 1890-1980 / by George C. Wright. (OCLC #897141513)

When I have only one volume of a set in hand, I prefer to catalog on copy for the set when I can. Even with a good set record available that we could have derived from, I was not sure that we would eventually also have electronic access to the first volume, so we chose to make this record for the second volume only. In such a record, the volume number and name are encoded as part of the Title Proper:

245 12 ǂa A history of blacks in Kentucky. ǂn Volume 2,
  ǂp In pursuit of equality, 1890-1980 / ǂc by George C. Wright.

Copyright law revision : studies / prepared for the Subcommittee on Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Eighty-sixth Congress, first session pursuant to S. Res. 53 [and second session pursuant to S. Res. 240]. (OCLC #38213367)

This bibliographic record represents the full set, as indicated by the physical description:

    300 __ ǂa 34 volumes in 12 ; ǂc 24 cm

but our MFHD indicated that we had an incomplete set (the comma after 1-19 indicates a gap):

    852 3_ ‡b yl,sd ‡h Y 4.J 89/2:C 79/
    866 41 ‡a no.1-19,
    866 41 ‡a no.22-34
    868 41 ‡a Index

This volume came down to my desk for cataloging, allowing me to complete the set!

    852 3_ ‡b yl,sd ‡h Y 4.J 89/2:C 79/
    866 41 ‡a no.1-34
    868 41 ‡a Index