Super fly / WB presents the Sig Shore production ; written by Phillip Fenty ; produced by Sig Shore ; directed by Gordon Parks, Jr. (OCLC #41239918)

This work has multiple statements of responsibility, each indicating people or corporate bodies with different roles in its creation, such as writer, producer, or director. When recording such statements in ISBD, each statement following the first one is preceded by space, semicolon, space:

245 00 ǂa Super fly / ǂc WB presents the Sig Shore production ;
    written by Phillip Fenty ; produced by Sig Shore ; directed by
    Gordon Parks, Jr.

This pair of volumes can be cataloged together on a single set record, although a slightly different group of people worked on each one. Where to get the statement of responsibility?

RDA on statements of responsibility associated with the title proper says to give highest preference to the statement found on the same source as the title proper. So where is that taken from, for a set?

RDA on Comprehensive Description for Resources Issued in More Than One Part says “If the resource has sequentially numbered issues or parts, choose a source of information identifying the lowest numbered issue or part available.” Following this instruction, I used the statement of responsibility from (unnumbered, but implied) Part 1:

the Finnish Committee for the Restoration of Viipuri Library ; editors: Eric Adlercreutz, Leif Englund, Maija Kairamo, Tapani Mustonen and Vezio Nava ; translation from Finnish: Gareth Griffiths and Kristina Kölhi.

But what about the differing statement of responsibility on part 2?

the Finnish Committee for the Restoration of Viipuri Library ; editors: Eric Adlercreutz, Maija Kairamo, Tapani Mustonen ; translation from Finnish: Gareth Griffiths and Kristina Kölh.

RDA on Recording Changes in Statements of Responsibility for multipart monographs says to make a note if a statement of responsibility is added, deleted, or changed on a subsequent part of a multipart monograph
and the addition, deletion, or change is considered important for identification or access. As the only change is that part two has fewer editors (and no new ones), I did not consider this important for identification, so did not make such a note.


Nuove curiosità storiche / Benedetto Croce. (OCLC #932131129)

This facsimile reprint has an added title page (for the new publisher), which is fortunate, as the included facsimile of the title page has part of the author’s name erased:

RDA on recording statement of responsibility for facsimiles and reproductions says to record the statement or statements of responsibility relating to the facsimile or reproduction, so I got to use the correct version:

245 10 ǂa Nuove curiosità storiche / ǂc Benedetto Croce.

It also sayes to record any statement of responsibility relating to the original manifestation as a statement of responsibility of a related manifestation. I could have done so as described in RDA 27.1 but decided against it; as it actually is correct on the original piece (which I also have in hand).


Ulozhenie Timura / redaktor Raʺno Azimova. (OCLC #31206018)

The statement of responsibility is recorded as it appears on the piece, where terms describing the role are generally in the language of the resource:

245 00 ǂa Ulozhenie Timura / ǂc redaktor Raʺno Azimova.

It may also not be consistent within a given language, or may not be stated explicitly at all. The type of role can be normalized using a relationship designator term with the authorized access point:

700 1_ ǂa Azimova, Raʺno, ǂe editor.

Analytics and dynamic customer strategy : big profits from big data / John F. (Jeff) Tanner, Jr. (OCLC #877564696)

According to the OCLC master record, this resource is available from many vendors: Books24x7, Ebook Library, ebrary, EBSCOhost, John Wiley, MyiLibrary, OverDrive, and RBdigital. The copy I have access to (ebrary) does not include the nickname “Jeff” in the statement of responsibility, but the description may have been originally based on a version that had it. The description in a provider-neutral record may not exactly match each version, but is probably close enough to provide good access.


Supplement to the Index of Middle English verse / Rossell Hope Robbins, John L. Cutler. (OCLC #897386804)

The title page of this resource gave me pause… who are the authors? Robbins and Cutler or Brown and Robbins?

The preface to this volume (signed with initials R.H.R. and J.L.C.) indicates that this supplement is the result of their joint research. R.H.R. also mentions in the preface that Carleton Brown not only honored him by collaboration on the Index, but also by solemnizing his marriage. From this info in the preface, I was able to sort out who was responsible for what.


The Oprah phenomenon / edited by Jennifer Harris and Elwood Watson ; with a foreword by Robert J. Thompson. (OCLC #900086861)

The foreword by Robert J. Thompson is advertised on the cover, so seemed like useful information to include. Though it does not appear on the title page, I added it to the statement of responsibility without brackets; RDA says that it may be taken from anywhere on the resource, and only needs brackets if it is taken from somewhere outside the resource.

I also wanted to add an authorized access point for Robert J. Thompson, but he has a very common name. A search for “robert thompson” in the authority file brought up more than a hundred results (including variants like Bob and Bobby) many of which had helpful qualifiers like “Musician” but most of which only had a date of birth.

The book does not provide his date of birth, but does note his affiliation with Syracuse University. Using this information, I found a Wikipedia article for him, which provided his date of birth, as well as several other works by him. I searched OCLC for some of these other works, and used them to identify his access point:

700 1_ Thompson, Robert J., ǂd 1959- ǂe writer of foreword.

His name authority record is very brief. Had it identified him as a media scholar (as the title of the wikipedia article does) or included his affiliation with Syracuse, that would have saved some work; I’m glad that RDA is leaning that way for authority work.


HTML5 game development insights / Colt McAnlis [and 19 others]. (OCLC #870564044)

RDA about recording statements of responsibility naming more than one person allows an optional omission: If a single statement of responsibility names more than three persons performing the same function, you may omit any but the first, and summarize your omission.

The LC-PCC PS and NLA PS say to generally not omit names, though the D-A-CH AWR specifically allows it for extensive lists of names. I like the BL-PS, which says to not omit “unless onerous”. I typically do not omit, but made an exception in this (onerous) case:

    245 10 ǂa HTML5 game development insights / ǂc Colt McAnlis
[and 19 others].

Los reyes del Grial / Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Río ; edición de María Robledano. (OCLC #878689024)

Only the first statement of responsibility is core in RDA, so we could have chosen to omit “edición de María Robledano”.

A statement of responsibility listing more than one person (such as “Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Río”) is recorded as a single statement. There is an optional omission rule which says that if a statement includes more than three (!) people, you may omit some of them and record a summarized version, such as:

edited by Bob Smith, Jon Jones [and two others]

Both LC-PCC PS and NLA PS say to generally not omit names.

When recording relationships between people and resources (for example, via main or added entries in a MARC record), only the first creator (or someone used to create the AAP) is required; I chose to record the relationship for the second creator (in a 700) as well.


Партийно-политическая работа в Вооруженных Силах / Генерал-лейтенант М.Г. Соболев. (OCLC #879351239)

For this publication about political party work in the Soviet armed forces, the statement of responsibility included the author’s military rank of Lieutenant general. Though my library’s practice is typically to abridge a statement of responsibility (removing non-essential information such as titles, ranks, or affiliations), in this case I felt it would aid with selection of the title, so retained it. Both the LC-PCC and NLA policy statements say typically not to abridge, so our policy may change in time.