HTML5 game development insights / Colt McAnlis [and 19 others]. (OCLC #870564044)

RDA about recording statements of responsibility naming more than one person allows an optional omission: If a single statement of responsibility names more than three persons performing the same function, you may omit any but the first, and summarize your omission.

The LC-PCC PS and NLA PS say to generally not omit names, though the D-A-CH AWR specifically allows it for extensive lists of names. I like the BL-PS, which says to not omit “unless onerous”. I typically do not omit, but made an exception in this (onerous) case:

    245 10 ǂa HTML5 game development insights / ǂc Colt McAnlis
[and 19 others].

Los reyes del Grial / Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Río ; edición de María Robledano. (OCLC #878689024)

Only the first statement of responsibility is core in RDA, so we could have chosen to omit “edición de María Robledano”.

A statement of responsibility listing more than one person (such as “Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Río”) is recorded as a single statement. There is an optional omission rule which says that if a statement includes more than three (!) people, you may omit some of them and record a summarized version, such as:

edited by Bob Smith, Jon Jones [and two others]

Both LC-PCC PS and NLA PS say to generally not omit names.

When recording relationships between people and resources (for example, via main or added entries in a MARC record), only the first creator (or someone used to create the AAP) is required; I chose to record the relationship for the second creator (in a 700) as well.