Freundesbriefe 1922-1955 / Ernst Robert Curtius/Max Rychner ; in Zusammenarbeit mit Claudia Mertz-Rychner herausgegeben und kommentiert von Frank-Rutger Hausmann. (OCLC #908681242)

Biographies and memoirs of individuals in philology are classed under PC34 which is cuttered .A-Z by the name of the individual. So biographies of Ernst Robert Curtis would be classed under:


For more specific types of biographies, consult the Biography Table for further subdivision. For letters and correspondence, subdivide with A4:

PC34.C85 A4 2015

Nizhegorodskie dokumenty XVI [i.e. shestnadt︠s︡atogo] veka : (1588-1600 gg.) / G.N. Anpilogov. (OCLC #3459594)

If you’re unfamiliar with the words in a language, it may also be difficult to recognize punctuation and word boundaries. This title’s first two lines form a single word:


separated on the page with a fancy hyphen. The word is not typically hyphenated (so is not transcribed that way into the record) so for copy cataloging you must search for the full form “nizhegorodskie” rather than a separated version like “nizhegorod skie” or even “nizhegorod-skie”.


Girl talk : boys, bullies and body image / Carol Langlois. (OCLC #898168325)

Due to a recently added workflow, I got to assign a Dewey number today, which I’d not done in about four years! The structure of this one is:

  • 305 – Groups of people
  • 305.235 – Young people twelve to twenty
  • 305.2352 – Females

In MARC, I encoded this as:

082 04 ǂa 305.235/2 ǂ2 23

In our collection, we’re using the call number:

J305.235 LAN

Ulozhenie Timura / redaktor Raʺno Azimova. (OCLC #31206018)

The statement of responsibility is recorded as it appears on the piece, where terms describing the role are generally in the language of the resource:

245 00 ǂa Ulozhenie Timura / ǂc redaktor Raʺno Azimova.

It may also not be consistent within a given language, or may not be stated explicitly at all. The type of role can be normalized using a relationship designator term with the authorized access point:

700 1_ ǂa Azimova, Raʺno, ǂe editor.

Sayatly Hemra. (OCLC #222812086)

I keep my cataloging statistics in a database (entered via a web form), and include only brief details such as format, branch location, original vs. copy cataloging, and also language of the material.

I’m always tickled when I get to add a new language to my form; today I got to add Turkmen!


Akty sela Odrekhovy. (OCLC #44659389)

RDA on Compilations of Laws, Etc says that complete or partial compilation of legislative enactments of a jurisdiction should have the preferred title “Laws, etc.”, as in this record:

110 1_ ǂa Odrzechowa (Poland)
240 10 ǂa Laws, etc.

خاطرات محمد ابراهيم اميرتيمور كلالى : رئيس ايل، وكيل مجلس، وزير كابينهى مصدق / ويراستار، حبيب لاجوردى. (OCLC #45372568)

This title is mainly in Persian, but fortunately includes prefatory material in English, aiding in copy cataloging for those of us who don’t type Arabic script proficiently!


Кандидат на престол : из истории политических и культурных связей России и Швеции ХI-ХХ веков / Г.М. Коваленко. (OCLC #43227577)

MARC field 530 is a general note about the availability of additional physical or digital forms:

530 __ ǂa Also issued online.

More specific information goes into 776:

776 08 ǂi Online version: ǂa Kovalenko, G.M. (Gennadii
    ̆ Mikhaĭlovich). ǂt Kandidat na prestol. ǂd Sankt-Peterburg
    : Russko-baltiĭskiĭ informat︠s︡ionnyĭ t︠s︡entr BLIT︠S︡, 1999 ǂw 

Currently, MARC records in OCLC are created at the manifestation level, and this method can be used to link together different manifestations of the same expression.


Appendix to flammability of clothing textiles, CS 191-53 / statement of the Standing Committee on Commercial Standard CS 191-53. (OCLC #914231826)

This document is an appendix to a commercial standard (cataloged separately), which is indicated in the SuDoc number:

086 0_ ǂa C 18.276:191-53/appendix

I also included an added entry for the original work, using the relationship designator from RDA J.2.5:

730 0_ ǂi Appendix to (work): ǂa Flammability of clothing textiles.

I︠A︡zykovai︠a︡ situat︠s︡ii︠a︡ Kievskoĭ Rusi i ee znachenie dli︠a︡ istorii russkogo literaturnogo i︠a︡zyka : [doklad na IX Mezhdunarodnom sʺezde slavistov, Kiev, 1983 g.] / B.A. Uspenskiĭ. (OCLC #10876369)

When copy cataloging, recall that pre-RDA records may abbreviate various words which you may not recognize if they are in an unfamiliar language. For example, where this piece says “Издательство” (Izdatelʹstvo, “publishing house”), the record I found abbreviated it as Izd-vo:

260 __ ǂa Moskva : ǂb Izd-vo Moskovskogo universiteta, ǂc 1983.

This makes such words not ideal for searching, and you may have to look closely to decide if the record you found matches the piece in hand.