Analysis and design of singular Markovian jump systems / Guoliang Wang, Qingling Zhang, Xinggang Yan. (OCLC #881439388)

There are still quite a few undifferentiated name records in the authority file; they are identifiable in the fixed field:

Name: b

They have a main heading (not further specified with birth date, fuller form, etc.):

100 1_ ǂa Wang, Guoliang

and brief information about several people with that name who do not yet have their own records:

670  ǂa [Author of Tan hsiang chʻuan chi tien tung chi]
670  ǂa His Tan hsiang chʻuan chi tien tung chi, 1980: 
      ǂb t.p. (Wang Kuo-liang)
670  ǂa [Editor of Han Ying ching chi tzʻu tien]
670  ǂa Han Ying ching chi tzʻu tien, 1990: ǂb t.p. (Wang Kuo-liang)

Such headings are not usable under RDA, and can no longer be controlled in OCLC.


The Canadians on the Somme, September to November, 1916 : a social history and battlefield tour / by N.M. Christie ; edited by S. Hickman. (OCLC #35972670)

The title of this series is presented two different ways on the piece:

  • For King & Empire
  • For King and Empire

In MARC, we record the series statement:

490 1_ ǂa For King & Empire ; ǂv v. 2

which corresponds to the RDA element Series statement, but there is no element or MARC field to record a variant series statement to provide access for the “For King and Empire” form.

In a different environment, we could represent the series as a separate work with its own title proper and variant titles, and link the two with “in series”/“series container of” relationships.


Road movie [videorecording] / R.E.M. (OCLC #39705076)

The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode found on many products, with the most common form being 12 digits long, shown in human-readable groups of 1-5-5-1 below the barcode; those outer digits are part of the code, so be sure to include them if you are typing it in, even if they are zeros!

In the barcode itself, each digit is represented by a pattern of black and white lines. For a given digit, the pattern is different if it is used in the left half vs. the right half of the barcode, but in a consistent way: black and white are inverted. The patterns were also cleverly chosen such that scanning the barcode upside-down does not confuse the scanner.

In MARC, UPCs are recorded in the 024 field with first indicator 1:

024 1_ ǂa 075993844320

In OCLC, they can be searched using the sn: (Standard number) index.


The story of the unknown warrior : 11 November 1920 / Michael Gavaghan. (OCLC #908110563)

The LC class number D680.A-Z is for WWI celebrations, memorials, and monuments in regions or countries other than the United States (with the cutter starting with A-Z specifying that region or country).

This cutter is taken from a predefined list, the Regions and Countries table from the Subject Cataloging Manual on Shelflisting (G 300).

The cutter for Great Britain is .G7, so this book gets the call number:

D680.G7 G39 2003

3 Patrick Swayze favorites. (OCLC #907678359)

As a teenager, I applied for many jobs at video stores, having heard the rumors that you could borrow videos (for free!) in the evening as long as you brought them back the next morning. No luck getting hired back then, but now in cataloging, my dream has come true!

RDA on Duration of Component Parts says to record the duration of each component part, which I did in a contents note:

505 0_ ǂa Red dawn (114 min.) -- Road house (114 min.) --
    Youngblood (110 min.).

The OLAC best practices guide describes a practice for recording time in the physical description, when each component part has the same (or approximate) playing time

300 __ ǂa 3 videodiscs (approximately 2 hr. each) : ǂb sound, color ;
    ǂc 4 3/4 in.

I also included analytical entries to provide title access for each individual title.

740 02 ǂa Red dawn.
740 02 ǂa Road house.
740 02 ǂa Youngblood.

Physical chemistry of electrolyte solutions : modern aspects / J.M.G. Barthel, H. Krienk, W. Kunze ; edited by H. Baumgärtel, E.U. Franck, W. Grünbein ; on behalf of Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie. (OCLC #39276859)

Similar to classifying a resource with a call number, you can specify a subject category using a code from one of many pre-defined lists.

That code is recorded in MARC 072 ǂa:

072 _7 ǂa QD ǂ2 lcco

If the category list is anything other than NAL (U.S. National Agricultural Library/AGRICOLA Subject Category Codes, which receive second indicator 0), the field has second indicator 7 and the category list is specified in ǂ7. This record has the code from LC classification outline, so it’s unsurprising that the code is also the first part of the LC call number:

050 00 ǂa QD561 ǂb .B29 1998

Design adds values to the commons : five landscape architects discuss the importance of good design for downtown development / University of Kentucky College of Design ; moderated by Michael Speaks ; featuring Aaron Betsky, Bradford McKee. (OCLC #907676180)

The OLAC best practices guide for cataloging DVD/Blu-Ray discs in RDA specifically doesn’t cover DVD-ROMs of video files like this one, so we just followed RDA.

The resource is made up of two DVD-ROMs containing both .MOV and .MP4 files, so we recorded the physical description as:

300  2 computer discs (8 video files) : ǂb color, sound ; ǂc 4 3/4 in.
336  two-dimensional moving image ǂb tdi ǂ2 rdacontent
337  computer ǂb c ǂ2 rdamedia
338  computer disc ǂb cd ǂ2 rdacarrier
347  video file ǂb MPEG-4 ǂ2 rda
347  video file ǂb QuickTime ǂ2 rda

Sobranie sochineniĭ v semi tomakh / Marina T︠S︡vetaeva ; [sostavlenie, podgotovka teksta i kommentarii Anny Saaki︠a︡nt︠s︡ i Lʹva Mnukhina]. (OCLC #39019008)

Volumes of collected works may be more prominently decorated with the author’s name, which may not be recorded in the title field at all. This creates a challenge in copy cataloging of foreign language materials; if you don’t recognize “Marina Tsvetaeva” as a name, or don’t yet know that “Sobranie sochinenii” means “collected works”, what seems like the obvious search query may not retrieve the best (or any) records.

If you’re not finding copy for what appears to be a commonly available book, try multiple searches before giving up.


A catalog of reproductions and publications : color slides, books, catalogs, educational materials / National Gallery of Art. (OCLC #906962810)

It is said that metadata is a love note to the future, but sometimes that correspondence is vague and you end up in a “big laundry” situation.

I don’t know what “OCIR hole punch” means, but the years written on the shelf-list card and the label lead me to believe that we used to have 1969 volume, which was replaced with the 1971 version when it arrived, keeping the same SuDoc number. Lacking any other information, I cataloged the new volume on its own record with this SuDoc number.


A textbook of nanoscience and nanotechnology / T. Pradeep. (OCLC #899218803)

Sometime in March, the metadata for this ebook at McGraw-Hill’s Access Engineering Library changed from having its title as “A textbook of nanoscience and nanotechnology” to just “Textbook of nanoscience and nanotechnology”. This would normally not be an issue, except that the URL changed similarly, from:


(and the top one no longer works). Maybe time to ramp up the zombie ebooks blog or similar…