The Canadians on the Somme, September to November, 1916 : a social history and battlefield tour / by N.M. Christie ; edited by S. Hickman. (OCLC #35972670)

The title of this series is presented two different ways on the piece:

  • For King & Empire
  • For King and Empire

In MARC, we record the series statement:

490 1_ ǂa For King & Empire ; ǂv v. 2

which corresponds to the RDA element Series statement, but there is no element or MARC field to record a variant series statement to provide access for the “For King and Empire” form.

In a different environment, we could represent the series as a separate work with its own title proper and variant titles, and link the two with “in series”/“series container of” relationships.


Los reyes del Grial / Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Río ; edición de María Robledano. (OCLC #878689024)

Only the first statement of responsibility is core in RDA, so we could have chosen to omit “edición de María Robledano”.

A statement of responsibility listing more than one person (such as “Margarita Torres Sevilla, José Miguel Ortega del Río”) is recorded as a single statement. There is an optional omission rule which says that if a statement includes more than three (!) people, you may omit some of them and record a summarized version, such as:

edited by Bob Smith, Jon Jones [and two others]

Both LC-PCC PS and NLA PS say to generally not omit names.

When recording relationships between people and resources (for example, via main or added entries in a MARC record), only the first creator (or someone used to create the AAP) is required; I chose to record the relationship for the second creator (in a 700) as well.


RDA Tip of the Week: Relationships

Many fields in RDA records now include relator terms to describe more precise relationships between entities in a consistent way. Some relators appear in a subfield at the end of the field:

100 1_ ǂa Green, John, ǂd 1977-, ǂe author.
700 1_ ǂa Bourguignon, Laurence, ǂe translator.

Some appear at the beginning of the field:

700 1_ ǂi Based on (work): ǂa Key, Watt. ǂt Fourmile.
700 1_ ǂi Abridgement of (expression): ǂa Hughes, Laurence P. ǂt Two.

There may even be two relator terms in one field:

100 1_ ǂa DeSerranno, Daniel, ǂd 1968- ǂe author, ǂe illustrator.
700 1_ ǂa Brooks, James L., ǂe director, ǂe producer.

Some relationships do not need extra relator terms in a MARC record, as they are already precisely described by MARC fields and indicators; for example, 7XX with second indicator 2:

700 12 ǂa Martel, Yann. ǂt Life of Pi.

indicates that the work in that field is contained in the main work described in the record.

Encoding these relationships is causing some difficulty now (some catalogs consider “Cai, Luo, ǂe author” to be a different person from “Cai, Luo”, for example) but they will be increasingly useful in a linked data environment.