An… / ē Village parousiazei mia paragogē tēs Village Plus ; executive producer, Kōstas Sousoulas ; senario-skēnothesia, Christophoros Papakaliatēs. (OCLC #983819304)

I am puzzled by the aspect ratio on the container of this DVD:

    Εικόνα 16:9/2.35

I know that 16:9 is a common ratio for film, and that appears to be the ratio of the whole screen that displays on my computer including the black letterbox bars (the bars stay, even if I re-size/re-shape the window). So why 2.35? I understand that this is terminology for anamorphic format and that the ratio is complicated, but the aspect ratio of the picture itself appears closer to 2:1 (I held up a ruler to the screen and measured) than to 2.35:1.

So I’m still not sure what the data on the container means, but it is definitely wide screen (ratio is 1.5:1 or greater), so I recorded this as:

    500  Wide screen.
    500  "Εικόνα 16:9/2.35."

Any thoughts?


Momentos fugaces / ǂc Paloma del Sol. (OCLC #982374430)

Given the cute birds on the cover, odds seemed decent that “Paloma del Sol” (“Dove of the Sun”) was the title of this book, but she is the author, and “Momentos fugaces” is the title.

The author is from Equatorial Guinea, a country in Africa with Spanish as its national language, so this book will be classed in Library of Congress’s PQ (Spanish literature schedule) in the section for Spanish literature outside of Spain. That area has substantial granularity for some continents (like Europe and South America, where one can divide up individual authors by which country they are from) but less so for other continents, like Africa. I classed the book under PQ8619 for authors from Africa, cuttered by the author’s last name:

    PQ8619.S65 M66 2015