Basic data on depressive symptomatology, United States, 1974-75 / [Rona Beth Sayetta and David P. Johnson]. (OCLC #5833792)

To search for a Sudoc number in OCLC (like “HE 20.6209:11/216”), use the gn: index, and remove all punctuation and spacing from the number:

gn: HE20620911216

This search does return the title we’re looking for:

Vital and health statistics. Series 11, no. 216
HE 20.6209:11/216

but also this one, whose Sudoc number compresses to the same string:

NCHS CD-ROM. Series 21, no. 6.
HE 20.6209/11:21/6

This is still a useful search, to quickly get you to government document records (if they exist), but since that compression to the search string is lossy, you must confirm that any record you find this way is the correct one.


Daniel Boone / by Reuben Gold Thwaites. (OCLC #994154857)

Here’s a fun one from our Special Collections cataloger: This volume had a publication date of 1909 on the title page, a copyright date of 1902 on the verso, but no edition statement anywhere, except next to the title’s entry on the series list in the front matter:

Daniel Boone.
By Reuben Gold Thwaites. Third Edition.

So is that usable in the record?

RDA says that Designation of Edition may be taken from anywhere inside the piece and used unbracketed. Given the difference in years, it made sense that this would be the third edition (and didn’t make a lot of sense that they would reference that edition in the series title list if this was not it), so we included it as an edition statement:

250 __ ǂa Third edition. 

Inventory of federal archives in the states : series IV, the Department of War. no. 14, Iowa / prepared by the Survey of Federal Archives, Division of Professional and Service Projects, Work Projects Administration ; the National Archives, cooperating sponsor. (OCLC #994006495)

Sometimes it’s helpful to get ebook metadata from the print record, like when the technician doing the digitization has covered the publication information with their hand:

264 _1 ǂa Des Moines, Iowa : ǂb Historical Records Survey Project,
    ǂc 1940.

We did not bracket the information, as the record is provider-neutral, and covers any potential complete copies as well (of whose content we can be reasonably confident).


Les Prix Nobel. (OCLC #1644058)

We already own quite a few volumes of this serial, as described in the holdings record:

  866	31 ǂa 1948-1975,
  866	31 ǂa 1977-1980,
  866	31 ǂa 1982-1983,
  866	31 ǂa 1985-1986,
  866	31 ǂa 1988,
  866	31 ǂa 1990-2000

Note the multiple lines ending in commas, indicating gaps in our collection. We recently received a gift of four more volume (1981, 1984, 1987, 1989), so I got to rewrite the holdings as:

  866	31 ǂa 1948-1975,
  866	31 ǂa 1977-2000

So satisfying! Maybe someday 1976 will arrive and tidy things further.


Early American art : a window on history and culture. (OCLC #49595559)

In cataloging, we aren’t always privy to collection development decisions, but sometimes we get a peek. In this case, we accepted this CD-ROM for the fine arts library because:

  • still works
  • adorable / historical
  • rare outside New England

The jewel case is broken though, so that will have to be replaced.