Oxidative stress and biomaterials / edited by Thomas Dziubla and D. Allan Butterfield. (OCLC #938383040)

We found brief copy for this title in OCLC, and upgraded it to RDA. One change we made was converting the 260 field to a pair of 264s.

The 260 field may be used to record places, dates, and parties responsible for the publication, distribution, and manufacture of the title, as well as copyright information. This field may be used in RDA records, though several elements map to the same subfields; the RDA toolkit’s MARC Bibliographic to RDA Mapping says that ǂa, ǂb are for publication and distribution information, and ǂe, ǂf are for production and manufacture information.

The 264 field may also be used to record the data above, but in a more granular/specific way: the second indicator specifies whether its 264 field is about production (0), publication (1), distribution (2), manufacture (3), or is a copyright date (4).

While upgrading records to RDA, I always convert existing 260s to 264s to record the most specific information I can while I have the piece in hand, using multiple fields if needed:

    264 _1 ǂa Amsterdam : ǂb Elsevier Academic Press, ǂc [2016]
    264 _4 ǂc ©2016

Creating meaningful stuff : radical design / Johan van Mol and Peter Van Riet. (OCLC #959243902)

We struggled to decide on the title for this book. Is it “Create meaningful stuff”? Or “Radical design”?

Both titles are on the cover. Both are on the spine.

There is something like a title page which has “Radical Design” only, but it has no other title page features (like authors), and may just be decorative, as it is that same pattern. On the publisher web site, the page with a photo of the book says “In Radical Design, we want to contribute to this important economic transition.” Maybe they’re referring to their workshop series?

On the back of the book, reviewers call it “Create Meaningful Stuff”, and near the back, the authors say “So we come to the end of ‘Create meaningful stuff’”. I could find no evidence that Radical Design is a series with other parts.

We changed our minds a few times, but eventually settled on this:

    245 10 ǂa Create meaningful stuff : ǂb radical design /
        ǂc Johan van Mol and Peter Van Riet.

including this variant title for anyone who chose differently:

    246 30 ǂa Radical design

I’m relieved that the call number depends on the author as main entry instead of the title, so if we change our minds again, we won’t have to re-label.


You’ve come a long way, baby : women, politics, and popular culture / edited by Lilly J. Goren. (OCLC #642464862)

I’d never considered contractions like “you’ve” to warrant assigning a variant title (RDA 2.3.6) with the contraction expanded, as has been done in this record:

    245 00 ǂa You've come a long way, baby : ǂb women,
        politics, and popular culture / ǂc edited by Lilly 
        J. Goren.
    246 3_ ǂa You have come a long way, baby

That said, I don’t see an RDA rule encouraging variant titles for spelling out numerals or abbreviations. Maybe they are generally referenced under c, “assigned by the creator or by previous owners or custodians of the resource”.



I’m serving you “I’m the only cataloger not on vacation this week and all the materials are suddenly in Russian” realness. (at Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

I love seeing other people’s cataloging problems!


The unreliable bestiary : an ark of stories about animals, our relationships with them, & the world they inhabit / Deke Weaver. (OCLC #957129744)

We got several of these DVDs in our fine arts library, parts of the Unreliable bestiary, a series of performances about endangered species and their habitats, one for each letter of the alphabet. So far, we had wolf, bear, elephant.

So how to catalog? One record per animal? All together as a set? As a serial?

We felt that not much would be gained by cataloging the pieces on individual records; our cataloger in the Fine Arts library said their patrons would be most interested in knowing about the performances as a group (and we found it less likely that researchers on wolves, bears, elephants would benefit from subject access for their particular animals), so we decided to catalog them together. As the series has a pre-determined (if far-off) ending, we don’t consider this a serial, and cataloged the works as a set.


That’s some good metadata from UK Libraries Special Collections Research Center! (Thanks, Deirdre!)


Breathing underwater / Lisa Davidson and Ralph Petty. (OCLC #921863615)

A book of text having illustrations is always sufficient to justify an additional content type of still image:

    336 __ ǂa still image ǂb sti ǂ2 rdacontent
    336 __ ǂa text ǂb txt ǂ2 rdacontent

but it makes sense when those illustrations are a substantial part of the content, to the point that the artist is listed jointly as a creator in the statement of responsibility. We can also include an access point for the artist and designate them as such so that respective roles are clear:

    100 1_ ǂa Davidson, Lisa, ǂd 1955- ǂe author.
    700 1_ ǂa Petty, Ralph, ǂe artist.