Creating meaningful stuff : radical design / Johan van Mol and Peter Van Riet. (OCLC #959243902)

We struggled to decide on the title for this book. Is it “Create meaningful stuff”? Or “Radical design”?

Both titles are on the cover. Both are on the spine.

There is something like a title page which has “Radical Design” only, but it has no other title page features (like authors), and may just be decorative, as it is that same pattern. On the publisher web site, the page with a photo of the book says “In Radical Design, we want to contribute to this important economic transition.” Maybe they’re referring to their workshop series?

On the back of the book, reviewers call it “Create Meaningful Stuff”, and near the back, the authors say “So we come to the end of ‘Create meaningful stuff’”. I could find no evidence that Radical Design is a series with other parts.

We changed our minds a few times, but eventually settled on this:

    245 10 ǂa Create meaningful stuff : ǂb radical design /
        ǂc Johan van Mol and Peter Van Riet.

including this variant title for anyone who chose differently:

    246 30 ǂa Radical design

I’m relieved that the call number depends on the author as main entry instead of the title, so if we change our minds again, we won’t have to re-label.

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