We the people : the American people and their government / [text, Division of Political History]. (OCLC #1288911)

In a SuDoc classification number, the cutter for the title is based on the first significant word in the title that denotes the subject of the resource, also excluding “catch phrases”. For this resource, “We the people” is skipped, and the cutter is based on the word American:

SI 1.2:Am 1/2

More about cuttering in SuDoc can be found in the GPO Classification Manual.


Up all night with Robert Downey Sr. [videorecording] / directed by Robert Downey Sr. ; screenplay by Robert Downey Sr. (OCLC #793654441)

When you are cataloging a collection of works on one record, the individual titles of those works should be recorded as analytical entries:

740 02 ǂa Babo 73.
740 02 ǂa Chafed elbows.
740 02 ǂa No more excuses.
740 02 ǂa Putney Swope.
740 02 ǂa Two tons of turquoise to Taos tonight.

No relationship designator is needed; it is already encoded in the MARC: in 740, second indicator ‘2’ designates the field as an analytical entry. The first indicator is the number of non-filing characters in the title; however, current practice is to always use first indicator ‘0’, and just enter the title without articles or other non-filing characters.


Behavior and neurology of lizards : an interdisciplinary colloquium / edited by Neil Greenberg and Paul D. MacLean. (OCLC #4571831)

In a SuDoc classification number, the cutter for the title is based on the first significant word in the title that denotes the subject of the resource. This excludes words common to government documents (“Symposium”, “Report”), to the particular agency (“Forest”, “Wood” for the Forest Service).

This resource was cuttered on the word Lizards even though it’s the fifth word in the title.

086 0_ ǂa HE 20.8102:L 76

More about cuttering in SuDoc can be found in the GPO Classification Manual.


Cotton / edited by David D. Fang and Richard G. Percy. (OCLC #909779516)

When catalog electronic resources, I follow the Provider-Neutral guidelines (even if I only know of one instance of that resource) and label the provider in the 856 ǂ3:

856 40 ǂ3 ACSESS Digital Library

Religion and life / by Rudolf Eucken ; [translation by Gustav F. Beckh]. (OCLC #2972972)

The preface of this book includes the information in this record’s 500 note:

500 __ ǂa "The lecture, 'Religion and life,' ... was 
    delivered in German at Essex Hall, London, on Wednesday,
    7 June, 1911"--Preface.

Though I’m confident that I’m holding the resource cataloged in the record I found, I disagree with the cataloger’s inclusion of the series statement and added-entry:

490 1_ ǂa [The Essex Hall lecture ; ǂv 1911]
830 _0 ǂa Essex Hall lecture ; ǂv 1911.

as that series authority is for a specific series published by a different publisher. I checked another volume of the series online and confirmed that it is a series that looks a specific way, not just confusion over publisher vs. manufacturer.

I put our holdings on that record, but did not include the series information locally, allowing the note to describe its inclusion in the lecture series, but not the bibliographic series.


Lollapalooza / Sister Ray Enterprises. (OCLC #909786219)

On first glance, I thought this video might be black and white, which would have been coded:

007 __ ǂa v ǂb d ǂd b ǂe v ǂf a ǂg i ǂh z
300 __ ǂa 1 videodisc (63 min.) : ǂb sound, black and white

I watched some of the video and, like the cover, it is in (filtered/washed out) color, so I coded it:

007 __ ǂa v ǂb d ǂd c ǂe v ǂf a ǂg i ǂh z
300 __ ǂa 1 videodisc (63 min.) : ǂb sound, color

using vocabulary described in RDA I didn’t think Details of Colour Content (RDA were important for identification or selection, so didn’t include any more detail.


Boron-nitrogen chemistry / Kurt Niedenzu, symposium chairman. (OCLC #665449)

This series this monograph is in is usually classed together, so the call number in the OCLC record uses the class number in the series authority record:

050 _0 ǂa QD1 ǂb .A355

with the enumeration appended:

050 00 ǂa QD1 ǂb .A355 no. 42

The enumeration “no. 42” was also included on the item record, so the volume label (printed prior to the year 2000) included it twice:

QD1 .A355 no. 42 no. 42

I’ve corrected the catalog and sent the volume to labeling, probably to have part of it covered with a small white sticker.


Analytics and dynamic customer strategy : big profits from big data / John F. (Jeff) Tanner, Jr. (OCLC #877564696)

According to the OCLC master record, this resource is available from many vendors: Books24x7, Ebook Library, ebrary, EBSCOhost, John Wiley, MyiLibrary, OverDrive, and RBdigital. The copy I have access to (ebrary) does not include the nickname “Jeff” in the statement of responsibility, but the description may have been originally based on a version that had it. The description in a provider-neutral record may not exactly match each version, but is probably close enough to provide good access.


AHRQ research activities / Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. (OCLC #44512447)

In preparation for migration for a new ILS, we’re re-examining our policy of using item records for ebooks, as the migration process will identify any resource with an item record as physical, and we want our ebooks correctly identified as electronic.

Before deleting anything, we searched for items using our generic ebook barcode (“EBOOKNONCIRC”) on print mfhds, and items with more specific barcodes on internet mfhds. We found a couple of irregularities in both searches.

This title’s multi-format government document record had both print and internet holdings, and the item with its specific barcode had been linked to the internet holding; it has now been re-linked to the print.


Reason and religion : philosophy and religion in a scientific age. (OCLC #59630)

Be careful when typing a general-sounding series title into an 830 and controlling it in OCLC; if it’s in a 430 for a more specific series, it may do something you don’t expect!

This resource appears to have a series title “general studies”, a phrase which appears in a 430 for the heading:

Cass library of African studies. General studies

so an 830 controls to that heading.

That’s not the desired link; the book in hand is not from the right publisher, nor is it about African studies, so I ended up just including it untraced:

490 0_ ǂa General studies

(I once saw this in a medical book record, where “case files” was controlled as “Scooby-Doo! case files”!)