Boron-nitrogen chemistry / Kurt Niedenzu, symposium chairman. (OCLC #665449)

This series this monograph is in is usually classed together, so the call number in the OCLC record uses the class number in the series authority record:

050 _0 ǂa QD1 ǂb .A355

with the enumeration appended:

050 00 ǂa QD1 ǂb .A355 no. 42

The enumeration “no. 42” was also included on the item record, so the volume label (printed prior to the year 2000) included it twice:

QD1 .A355 no. 42 no. 42

I’ve corrected the catalog and sent the volume to labeling, probably to have part of it covered with a small white sticker.


Istorii︠a︡ grazhdanskoĭ voĭny i intervent︠s︡ii v SSSR : sovremennai︠a︡ burzhuaznai︠a︡ istoriografii︠a︡ / V.P. Naumov, A.A. Kosakovskiĭ. (OCLC #26511741)

Subfield ǂa of 050 is repeatable, and I often see this feature used for titles in a series. For example:

050 04 ǂa D410 ǂb .N652 1976, no. 11 ǂa DK265.9.H5

The first call number should be used if you class the series together under one call number:

D410 .N652 1976, no. 11

(That’s D410 for 20th century periodicals, cuttered on the romanized name of the series: Novoe v zhizni, nauke, tekhnike. Serii︠a︡ “Istorii︠a︡”)

The second class number is provided for those who class the series separately, with a specific call number for each volume. In this case, that is:


(History of Russia, Revolution, 1917-1921, Historiography). Subfield ǂb is not repeatable, so no item number is provided.

We class this series separately, so I used the second class number, adding a cutter for the author, Naumov:

090 ǂa DK265.9.H5 ǂb N37 1976

未来の戦争 / 著者石ノ森章太郎, 小松左京, 星野之宣, 山上たつひこ, ひらまつつとむ, 諸星大二郎, 松本零士, 手塚治虫, 藤子・F・不二雄. (OCLC #834048126)

This compilation of manga about war includes comics by famous artists including Osamu Tezuka (of Astro Boy) and Keiji Nakazawa (of Barefoot Gen). I wanted to provide detailed access to the artists and subject areas in each volume, so analyzed the series (cataloged each on its own record). I also wanted them to sit together in order on the shelf, so classified them together as a collection under the series title, so volumes have call numbers like:

PN6790.J32 M38 2013 v.5

This appears in the series authority record as:

644 __ ‡a f ‡5 YOUNG
645 __ ‡a t ‡5 YOUNG
646 __ ‡a c ‡5 YOUNG

Silurian rocks of East-Central Kentucky, including adjacent underlying and overlying units / Tom Lierman. (OCLC #871037733)

The geological society that runs this yearly field trip has had several names over the years (Kentucky Society of Professional Geologists, Geological Society of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Society), so the field trip guidebook series has also had different names: Field conference guidebook (name of the society at the time of publication).

Our local authority records for these series indicate that they should be classed together (646 ǂa c), and that they share a common call number (with the year added). We have a complete enough collection of these guidebooks that our patrons now expect to find them together. A different library might choose to class each volume separately; for example, with other books about the geological period they describe.