OpenStreetMap in GIScience : experiences, research, and applications / Jamal Jokar Arsanjani [and three others], editors. (OCLC #898157844)

This title is in the Springer series “Lecture notes in geoinformation and cartography” which is written on the cover and the spine as “LNG&C”.

If you searched for that form (say, because the full version was already covered with a barcode!) you’d still find the series authority record because it is included as a SEE reference:

130 _0 ǂa Lecture notes in geoinformation and cartography
430 _0 ǂa LNG & C

(Just kidding, the full series title also appears on the back cover, title page verso, and series title page, so the barcode didn’t cover anything critical)


Religion and life / by Rudolf Eucken ; [translation by Gustav F. Beckh]. (OCLC #2972972)

The preface of this book includes the information in this record’s 500 note:

500 __ ǂa "The lecture, 'Religion and life,' ... was 
    delivered in German at Essex Hall, London, on Wednesday,
    7 June, 1911"--Preface.

Though I’m confident that I’m holding the resource cataloged in the record I found, I disagree with the cataloger’s inclusion of the series statement and added-entry:

490 1_ ǂa [The Essex Hall lecture ; ǂv 1911]
830 _0 ǂa Essex Hall lecture ; ǂv 1911.

as that series authority is for a specific series published by a different publisher. I checked another volume of the series online and confirmed that it is a series that looks a specific way, not just confusion over publisher vs. manufacturer.

I put our holdings on that record, but did not include the series information locally, allowing the note to describe its inclusion in the lecture series, but not the bibliographic series.


Boron-nitrogen chemistry / Kurt Niedenzu, symposium chairman. (OCLC #665449)

This series this monograph is in is usually classed together, so the call number in the OCLC record uses the class number in the series authority record:

050 _0 ǂa QD1 ǂb .A355

with the enumeration appended:

050 00 ǂa QD1 ǂb .A355 no. 42

The enumeration “no. 42” was also included on the item record, so the volume label (printed prior to the year 2000) included it twice:

QD1 .A355 no. 42 no. 42

I’ve corrected the catalog and sent the volume to labeling, probably to have part of it covered with a small white sticker.


Reason and religion : philosophy and religion in a scientific age. (OCLC #59630)

Be careful when typing a general-sounding series title into an 830 and controlling it in OCLC; if it’s in a 430 for a more specific series, it may do something you don’t expect!

This resource appears to have a series title “general studies”, a phrase which appears in a 430 for the heading:

Cass library of African studies. General studies

so an 830 controls to that heading.

That’s not the desired link; the book in hand is not from the right publisher, nor is it about African studies, so I ended up just including it untraced:

490 0_ ǂa General studies

(I once saw this in a medical book record, where “case files” was controlled as “Scooby-Doo! case files”!)


Outlines of a philosophy of religion based on psychology and history / Auguste Sabatier. (OCLC #1058227)

For each series in the catalog, we may choose to trace (explicitly link resources in the series to a series authority via an authorized access point, like with MARC 830) or not trace (but maybe transcribe in a series statement/note). We often don’t trace for purely publisher-related series, like:

490 0_ ǂa Harper torchbooks ; ǂv TB23

but trace for other kinds of series, such as those where a publisher groups their titles by subject:

490 1_ ǂa The Library of religion and culture.
830 _0 ǂa Library of religion and culture.

In MARC, the decision to trace or not trace is recorded in authority field 645. Series authority records often exist to explicitly state that the decision has been made to not link to them (example).


Science and the moral life. (OCLC #373672)

Not all “series-like” statements need to be treated like a series; for example, “A Mentor Book” on the cover. There is a series authority record for the phrase, but it does not include series treatment fields. Instead, it has instructions and explanatory notes:

    667 __ ǂa Give phrase as a quoted note if not already included
in the body of the entry 667 __ ǂa Undifferentiated phrase record: Covers all instances when this character string used by any publisher is considered to be a series-like phrase; if character string is considered to be a series, separate SAR has been made

I did not find a series authority record for a series of that name from that publisher, and had no reason to trace the series locally, so did not create a local series authority record. Instead, I included a quoted note:

    500 __ ǂa "A mentor book"--T.p. verso.

as it also appears on the back of the title page.


未来の戦争 / 著者石ノ森章太郎, 小松左京, 星野之宣, 山上たつひこ, ひらまつつとむ, 諸星大二郎, 松本零士, 手塚治虫, 藤子・F・不二雄. (OCLC #834048126)

This compilation of manga about war includes comics by famous artists including Osamu Tezuka (of Astro Boy) and Keiji Nakazawa (of Barefoot Gen). I wanted to provide detailed access to the artists and subject areas in each volume, so analyzed the series (cataloged each on its own record). I also wanted them to sit together in order on the shelf, so classified them together as a collection under the series title, so volumes have call numbers like:

PN6790.J32 M38 2013 v.5

This appears in the series authority record as:

644 __ ‡a f ‡5 YOUNG
645 __ ‡a t ‡5 YOUNG
646 __ ‡a c ‡5 YOUNG

Quantitative remote sensing in thermal infrared : theory and applications / Huajun Tang, Zho-Liang Li. (OCLC #861323363)

Authority records for series include the library’s practice on whether the series should be ‘traced’; that is, should records for titles in the series include an authorized access point for the series? In MARC, these appear as an 8XX, for example:

    830 _0 ǂa Springer remote sensing/photogrammetry.

The decision to trace would appear as t:

    645 ǂa __ t ǂ5 YOUNG

The decision not to trace would appear as n:

    645 ǂa __ n ǂ5 YOUNG

Mensonges d’États / Xavier Daugreilh ; mise en scène de Nicolas Briançon. (OCLC #859669542)

This play is no. 1351 of the series “Avant-scène. Théâtre”. The authority record for that series suggests classing together (PN2003: Drama, Periodicals, French). The branch that bought this volume has only a couple of others from that series, all classed separately. I followed this practice, classing the title as a separate work under the author’s class number (PQ2664.A78), and recorded this variation in our local authority file:

    646 __ ‡a c ‡5 DLC
    646 __ ‡a s ‡5 YOUNG

Now the title is more easily discoverable on the shelf among works by similar authors, and there is no stray call number ending in “no.1351”, leaving you wondering where the other volumes are.