Religion and life / by Rudolf Eucken ; [translation by Gustav F. Beckh]. (OCLC #2972972)

The preface of this book includes the information in this record’s 500 note:

500 __ ǂa "The lecture, 'Religion and life,' ... was 
    delivered in German at Essex Hall, London, on Wednesday,
    7 June, 1911"--Preface.

Though I’m confident that I’m holding the resource cataloged in the record I found, I disagree with the cataloger’s inclusion of the series statement and added-entry:

490 1_ ǂa [The Essex Hall lecture ; ǂv 1911]
830 _0 ǂa Essex Hall lecture ; ǂv 1911.

as that series authority is for a specific series published by a different publisher. I checked another volume of the series online and confirmed that it is a series that looks a specific way, not just confusion over publisher vs. manufacturer.

I put our holdings on that record, but did not include the series information locally, allowing the note to describe its inclusion in the lecture series, but not the bibliographic series.

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