El día que España derrotó a Inglaterra : de cómo Blas de Lezo, tuerto, manco y cojo, defendió el Imperio español en América / Pablo Victoria. (OCLC #941791257)

RDA on recording the Dimensions of Map, Etc., on Folded Sheet says that if
the sheet itself contains a panel or section designed to appear on the outside when the sheet is folded, then record the dimensions of the map, etc., and add the dimensions of the sheet in folded form, preceded by a comma. This resource has such a map folded up in the back, so I have recorded its dimensions this way in the physical description:

300 __ ǂa 351 pages : ǂb color illustrations, color maps ;
    ǂc 24 cm + 1 map (91 x 63 cm, folded to 24 x 17 cm).

Medusa. (OCLC #938622762)

This title has a collective title, but also contains two individual works (previously published separately) by different authors. The collective title and the titles of the individual works are present on the title page. ISBD describes this case, and says to choose the collective title as the title proper, and that titles of individual works may be given in Area 7. I followed that instruction:

245 10 ǂa Medusa.
505 00 ǂt Narrative of a voyage to Senegal in 1816 / ǂr J. B.
    Henry Savigny & Alexander Correard -- ǂt The sufferings of
    the Picard family after the shipwreck of the Medusa / ǂr
    Charlotte-Adélaïde Dard [née Picard] ; translated 
    by Patrick Maxwell.

I also included authorized access points as analytical entries for the two works:

700 12 ǂa Savigny, Jean Baptiste Henri, ǂd 1793-1843.
    ǂt Naufrage de la frigate la Méduse. ǂl English.
700 12 ǂa Dard, Charlotte-Adelaïde. ǂt Chaumière africain.
    ǂl English.

I also liked the classification of this piece:

    G530.M5 S3313 2008

G530 is for individual accounts of shipwrecks including sailors’ yarns; for special vessels, cutter by the name of the vessel!


Nerve : how a small Kentucky town led the fight to safely dismantle the world’s chemical weapons / a film by Ben Evans & the Kentucky Environmental foundation ; with music by Ben Sollee. (OCLC #937869675)

Which relationship designator should be used for the composer/performer of original music for a film, so often expressed in the credits as “music by”? I included that version in the Creation/Production Credits Note:

508 00 ǂa Directed and produced by Ben Evans; music by Ben Sollee.

But am a little bit nervous about my relationship designators for the authorized access point:

700 1_ ǂa Sollee, Ben, ǂe composer (expression), ǂe instrumentalist.

RDA I.3.1 defines composer (expression) as “A person … contributing to an expression by adding music to a work that originally lacked it, by composing new music to substitute for the original music, or by composing new music to supplement the existing music.” which seems accurate, but a bit off. Similar designators seem to refer specifically to musical works.