Women leaders in chaotic environments : examinations of leadership using complexity theory / Şefika Şule Erçetin, editor. (OCLC #953709589)

A few months back on the Troublesome Catalogers Facebook group, somebody mentioned keeping a strip of ruler tape on her desk. Despite having multiple brightly colored rulers on or around my desk, I was constantly searching for them during original cataloging, so this is like magic.


Lincoln on leadership : 41 powerful insights from his speeches, telegrams, letters, memos, and orders / edited and annotated by Harold Holzer. (OCLC #823508278)

The Civil War : 1861-1862 : an illustrated history / [editor, Kelly Knauer]. (OCLC #762190690)

1862 : the year of hope and horror / Weider History Group. (OCLC #859337573)

We don’t normally accept individual issues of magazines (or journals) into the library collection, but these were all special issues with their own individual titles. Other libraries seem to have made similar decisions, a I was able to find copy for all three (but not for individual issues generally).


Commutative rings / Ayman Badawi, editor. (OCLC #50857508)

A sharp-eyed patron browsing books in QC (Physics) spotted this book next to Fourier’s “The analytical theory of heat”, and wondered if it was out of place: “Should it be in QA instead?”

The book was labeled QC 251.3, so he went to QA 251.3 and indeed, found lots more books on commutative rings and algebras. Somehow our catalog ended up with a bad typo!

We re-classed the book under QA 251.3 (the number in the OCLC master record) and re-labeled, so it can now be with its friends on the shelf and more likely discovered by interested browsing patrons.


Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University. (OCLC #1751828)

This serial which started in 1891 (found on the shelf like this) appears too brittle to bind (early volumes at least fail the double fold test), which may explain why somebody made these little paper separators to label and “bind” groups of volumes together on the shelf. Which may be fine, as long as nobody touches them! These volumes may need some kind of box or other more stable support, a decision that will be made in binding/labeling, downstream from cataloging.


Completion of assignment report : July 1981-August 1986 / Russell H. Brannon. (OCLC #39501215)

Long ago when this piece was cataloged and processed, its call number label was mixed up with that of its neighbor, which is not too surprising, given how similar they are:

S540.I56 B730 1986
S540.I56 B370 1986

They are very similar documents, so the only difference in call number is the cutter for the author:

  • Russell Brannon – B730
  • Harry Barnard – B370

This error was discovered during digitization (call numbers on the pieces didn’t match the catalog), and reported to cataloging for correction. Another report from that same year by Mr. Brannon also received the B730 version of the call number, so that was shifted for uniqueness.


Orange is the new black. Season one / a Netflix Original Series ; Netflix presents ; created by Jenji Kohan ; produced by Neri Kyle Tannenbaum ; co-executive producer, Sara Hess ; co-executive producer, Michael Trim ; co-executive producer, Lisa I. Vinnecour ; executive producer, Jenji Kohan ; Tilted Productions ; Lionsgate Television. (OCLC #872281617)

Recently on Facebook, OpOnions pointed out that book records for Orange is the New Black include headings like these:

610 20 ǂa Federal Correctional Institution (Danbury, Conn.)
650 _0 ǂa Women prisoners ǂz Connecticut ǂz Danbury.
650 _0 ǂa Reformatories for women ǂz Connecticut ǂz Danbury.

and that DVD records for the show include similar records, with –Drama appended:

610 20 ǂa Federal Correctional Institution (Danbury, Conn.)
650 _0 ǂa Women prisoners ǂz Connecticut ǂz Danbury ǂv Drama.
650 _0 ǂa Reformatories for women ǂz Connecticut ǂz Danbury ǂv Drama.

ignoring that the show takes place in a different (fictional) prison in a different (fictional) state. The DVD record has now been corrected to include the state featured in the show:

610 20 ǂa Federal Correctional Institution (Danbury, Conn.) ǂv Drama.
650 _0 ǂa Women prisoners ǂz New York (State) ǂv Drama.
650 _0 ǂa Reformatories for women ǂz New York (State) ǂv Drama.

though we had decided at our monthly cataloging problem session to remove (from our local record) the headings for the prison, and the geographic subdivisions entirely:

650 _0 ǂa Women prisoners ǂv Drama.
650 _0 ǂa Reformatories for women ǂv Drama.

If you have this show in your collection, how are you handling the subjects?