La obra completa / Mateo Alemán ; Pedro M. Piñero Ramírez y Katharina Niemeyer (directores) (OCLC #897118689)

RDA on Complete Works says that such works should get the conventional collective title Works as their preferred title, which in MARC looks like:

240 10 ǂa Works

The Title Proper (associated with the particular manifestation) is also recorded:

245 13 ǂa La obra completa / ... 

Alfred : the first Continental flagship, 1775-1778 / John J. McCusker. (OCLC #446066)

The Name/Title derived search in OCLC can be done in the command line search by entering the first four letters of the author’s name and the first four letters of the title, separated by a comma. This is sometimes called a 4,4 search, and can be explicitly used using the nd: index.

There’s a surprising detail about this index (and other derived indexes involving names) which is that if the name starts with Mc or Mac followed by a capital letter (like McCusker), that Mc or Mac is only represented as “m” in the search. So the name/title derived search that would retrieve the above title is:


Epistolae Karolini aevi. IV / hrsg von E.L. Dümmler, Ernst Perels. (OCLC #810904180)

This series is so large and complicated (and being purchased slowly over time and out of order) that I keep a copy of its index at my desk with my other cataloging tools, along with our local plan for how we will assign the call numbers for the various volumes. This saves us a lot of “volume 4 of what?-style headaches!

This particular volume is volume IV of Epistolae Karolini, and volume 6 of Monumenta Germaniae historica Epistolae, so we give it the call number:

DD3.M8 ‡b E31 t.6

Convertibility of space and defense resources to civilian needs : a search for new employment potentials / compiled for the Subcommittee on Employment and Manpower of the Committee on Labor and Public Welare, United States Senate. (OCLC #28090162)

This resource is the second volume of a set that is continuously paged. RDA on Pages, Etc., Numbered as Part of a Larger Sequence says to. record the first and last numbers of the pages, as in:

pages 587-1106

This volume also has pre-pages numbered with Roman numerals. If it had only those pages, the extent would be recorded:

vii pages

but I don’t see an example for combining these two forms. It seems reasonable to do:

vii pages, pages 587-1106

but the cataloger who made this copy chose the format:

vii, pages 587-1106

which is also clear.


Naval Digest indices (1970-1979) / Allan S. Rehm [and others]. (OCLC #18772227)

I couldn’t find where we had any volumes of the title “Naval Digest”, so dug through the V schedule looking for a general Naval Science research number (leaning toward V394).

I ran this past my supervisor, who works more with serials; she read several more pages into the index, and found that the serial title is actually Морской сборник, and we have a decent run of it!

I brought in a separate bib record for the index (it has a separate publisher than the serial title), but classed it nearby:

V5 .M8 Index 1970/1979

my-life-as-a-pre-librarian replied to your post: For honor, glory & union : th…

Could you put in a 246 with no abbreviations? Just curious 🙂

Good question! Yes, I think that would be fine.

The LC-PCC PS for RDA specifically recommends recording a variant title substituting the corresponding spelled-out form of the abbreviation (if it is thought that some catalog users might reasonably expect that the form was spelled out in the source) if the abbreviation occurs as one of the first five words of the Title proper.

Though these particular abbreviations appear later in the title, you could justify the 246 with the main instruction, which says “record variant titles that are considered important for identification or access”:

246 3_ ǂa For honor, glory & union : ǂb the Mexican and
    Civil War letters of Brigadier General William Haines Lytle

For honor, glory & union : the Mexican and Civil War letters of Brig. Gen. William Haines Lytle / Ruth C. Carter, editor. (OCLC #897380031)

I often hear the generalization “don’t use abbreviations in RDA”, but this mainly refers to non-transcribed elements which under AACR2 would have had abbreviations, like “39 p.” (for 39 pages) or “ca.” (for approximately).

For this resource, several abbreviations appear in the Title (a transcribed field), so they are recorded as they appear on the resource:

245 10 ǂa For honor, glory & union : ǂb the Mexican and
    Civil War letters of Brig. Gen. William Haines Lytle /
    ǂc Ruth C. Carter, editor.

But could you include the unabbreviated version as a variant title?


Commentationes historicae : almae matri Studiorum Bononiensi novem saecula feliciter celebranti ab Universitate Iagellonica Cracoviensi oblatae. (OCLC #19366330)

RDA on Leaves or Pages of Plates gives instructions for recording these in Extent, BUT also includes the instruction to disregard unnumbered sequences of plates unless they are substantial or referred to in a note. In most books, I see short blocks of unnumbered plates scattered throughout the book, and disregard these in RDA records.

This particular title has a block of numbered plates after the main numbered sequence, so gets

300 __ ǂa 282 pages, 31 pages of plates : ǂb illustrations ; ǂc 25 cm.

Those plates are also represented with an f in the Ills fixed field:

Ills: af__

Очерки бурсы. Очерки третий и четвертый / ǂc H. Помяловский. (OCLC #903415003)

I generally prefer not to make individual monograph records for volumes of sets, but sometimes that’s all that I have.

This volume indicates that it is a portion of “Очерки бурсы”, and specifically that it contains essays 3 and 4. I confirmed this by looking at the full title in Hathitrust.

The title page contained the enumeration “Выпуск 4”, but what title is this issue 4 of? There was a phrase on the title page (“ Библиотека Классиков-Безбожников”) and another on the cover (“Художественная антирелигиозная библиотека”) with similar meanings, either of which could have been its series statement, but I wasn’t sure, so I just included it as a quoted note:

500 __ ǂa "Выпуск 4."

If the other volumes the series appears (in our collection or someone else’s) we can clarify then, but for now I’d hate to mislead anybody by guessing.


До основ : збірник статей у шістдесятліття Української вільної академії наук у Канаді, 1949-2009 = To the source : essays on the sixtieth anniversary of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada, 1949-2009 / редактори Юрій Книш, відповідальний, Ярослав Розумний, україномовний, Орест Цап, англомовний .(OCLC #829793942)

Place of Publication is a transcribed element in RDA, so is recorded with the language and script it appears in on the piece. For this Ukrainian title, that is:


or in its transliterated form:


If one did a simple search for all titles published in Winnipeg, they’d be out of luck finding this one, though it would turn up in a fixed field Ctry search for Manitoba:

Ctry: mbc