Повести о Куликовской битве / изд. подготовили М.Н. Тихомиров, В.Ф. Ржига, Л.А. Дмитриев. (OCLC #2728286)

RDA on Misleading numbering describes cases where the numbering on the last page does not represent the total number in that sequence, and says not to correct it unless it gives a completely false impression of the extent of the resource. For example, this volume’s last page has the page number misprinted, so the extent should be recorded as:

51, that is, 511 pages

“Russian despotism” : the origins and dissemination of an early modern commonplace / by Marshall Tillbrook Poe. (OCLC #31820585)

The OCLC record we found for this dissertation (and its reproductions) indicate an extent of 451 leaves:

300  vi, 451 leaves ; ǂc 28 cm

which is consistent with our table of contents, but our volume only goes up to 367 pages. We are missing the conclusion chapter! There are very few holdings on the OCLC records, so I’ll check with the selector to find out whether we want to keep the incomplete volume.


El ingenioso hidalgo don Quixote de la Mancha : (1608) / por Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra ; [con prólogo de Fredo Arias de la Canal]. (OCLC #793608594)

RDA on Misleading Numbering says: when the numbering on the last page gives a completely false impression of the extent of the resource, record the numbering as it appears on the last page followed by that is and the correct number. The pages in this resource have content are both sides, but only the leaves are numbered, so its physical description is:

300 __ ǂa xviii, 277, that is, 554 pages ; ǂc 22 cm

The ballad book of John Jacob Niles / with a new introduction by Ron Pen ; decorations by William Barss. (OCLC #904561492)

RDA on recording extent of online resources says that when the online resource has a print counterpart, its extent should also be specified. This resource is a digized score, so we look at (RDA which covers extent of scores. The print score has extent:

1 score (xxvi, 370 pages)

so the online version has extent:

1 online resource (1 score (xxvi, 370 pages))

Convertibility of space and defense resources to civilian needs : a search for new employment potentials / compiled for the Subcommittee on Employment and Manpower of the Committee on Labor and Public Welare, United States Senate. (OCLC #28090162)

This resource is the second volume of a set that is continuously paged. RDA on Pages, Etc., Numbered as Part of a Larger Sequence says to. record the first and last numbers of the pages, as in:

pages 587-1106

This volume also has pre-pages numbered with Roman numerals. If it had only those pages, the extent would be recorded:

vii pages

but I don’t see an example for combining these two forms. It seems reasonable to do:

vii pages, pages 587-1106

but the cataloger who made this copy chose the format:

vii, pages 587-1106

which is also clear.


Commentationes historicae : almae matri Studiorum Bononiensi novem saecula feliciter celebranti ab Universitate Iagellonica Cracoviensi oblatae. (OCLC #19366330)

RDA on Leaves or Pages of Plates gives instructions for recording these in Extent, BUT also includes the instruction to disregard unnumbered sequences of plates unless they are substantial or referred to in a note. In most books, I see short blocks of unnumbered plates scattered throughout the book, and disregard these in RDA records.

This particular title has a block of numbered plates after the main numbered sequence, so gets

300 __ ǂa 282 pages, 31 pages of plates : ǂb illustrations ; ǂc 25 cm.

Those plates are also represented with an f in the Ills fixed field:

Ills: af__

Мифологические рассказы русских крестьян XIX-ХХ вв / составление, подготовка текстов, вступительная статья и комментарии М.Н. Власовой.(OCLC #900161990)

RDA on recording the extent of a Single Volume with Numbered Pages, Leaves, or Columns, says to “record the last numbered page, leaf, or column in each sequence and follow it with the appropriate term”. For this title, I recorded this:

300 __ ǂa 909 pages ; ǂc 24 cm

but noticed that the bibliography went from 909 to the following page. But how to reference that?

Under AACR2, this would have been simple:

504 __ ǂa Includes bibliographical references (p. 909-[910]).

RDA does not bracket unnumbered pages in notes, but it would have felt odd to refer to pages 909-910 when there were only 909 pages in the extent. I could have recorded the extent as “909 pages, 1 unnumbered page” but that would not have made the 504 clearer, so I just went with:

504 __ ǂa Includes bibliographical references.

Walid Raad, walkthrough. (OCLC #890913763)

This title consists of one pamphlet and seven posters, gathered inside a colorful case. There are several records for it in OCLC, and each handles the physical descriptions in different ways, depending on what the cataloger judged to be was the primary content:

300 __ ǂa 2 v. : ǂb col. ill. ; ǂc 22-24 cm., in slipcase 25 cm. 
+ ǂe 6 posters.
300 __ ǂa 6 v. (in slipcase) : col. ill. ; 26 cm.
300 __ ǂa 96 p. ǂb ill. ǂc 25 x 18 cm

I preferred the conciseness of this record:

300 __ ǂa 1 case : ǂb color illustrations ; ǂc 26 cm.

with the details of the contents in a 500 note. RDA (Recording Extent) says to use units from the list of carrier types (“case” is not on this list), but provides an alternative to use a word in common usage (including a trade name) instead.

British Library has an interesting PS for this rule:

Apply alternative b) for hand held digital resources if the appropriate term in common usage is readily ascertainable; for example, use the terms CD-ROM, DVD and DVD-ROM in preference to using a term from the list of carrier types at


Digital architecture / author, Dimitris Kottas. (OCLC #872755012)

RDA on individually paged volumes (as opposed to a continuous pagination over multiple volumes) says to record the number of volumes (units) but omit the pagination (subunits). For this set, extent would be:

2 volumes

There is an optional addition which allows specifying the pagination:

2 volumes (277, 263 pages)

The LC-PCC PS says in general not to apply the addition, but the NLA PS says to generally apply it. The copy for this set in OCLC is from National Library of Australia (Symbol AU@) which problably explain why it has been included in the copy!


A road to change : Harlan County / by Kim Childers. (OCLC #879573322)

This book has slightly odd pagination: the blank page before the title page is marked “Page 1”, the title page is marked “Page 3” and no other pages have numbers. I considered this a change in the form of numbering, so ignored those first few numbered pages by RDA, recording the extent as:

1 volume (unpaged)

There is a DVD by this same company with similar content, based on the same research, and considered complementary. I recorded this as:

787 08 ǂi Complemented by (work): ǂa Harlan County : a road to change.

with the exact relationship described in a note.