Deep veils : Erik L’Heureux and Pencil Office / Erik L’Heureux and Grit Vltavsky. (OCLC #880198268)

This volume is oddly sized and bound. The white part is the cover, wrapped around the larger beige signatures; you can see page number “1” poking over the top. There are also about 15 (double-sided) sheets of different sizes tipped in throughout the book that are unnumbered (no space left in the page sequence), so I guess they are plates? Many of the numbered pages have only illustrations, and some smaller pages have only text; not how I usually think of plates, but I think they qualify.

RDA on the dimension of volumes mentions the situation where the volume contains separate text blocks of varying dimensions (which is not precisely this case); it says in that case to record the height (or height × width) of the binding only – I think the spirit of this instruction is to record the dimension of the carrier, which is what is recorded in the copy I found:

21 cm

I mentioned the odd plate sizing in a note for identification purposes:

500 __ ǂa Plates of different sizes, smaller than numbered pages.

so I also included the plates, as they are mentioned in a note, per RDA


Commentationes historicae : almae matri Studiorum Bononiensi novem saecula feliciter celebranti ab Universitate Iagellonica Cracoviensi oblatae. (OCLC #19366330)

RDA on Leaves or Pages of Plates gives instructions for recording these in Extent, BUT also includes the instruction to disregard unnumbered sequences of plates unless they are substantial or referred to in a note. In most books, I see short blocks of unnumbered plates scattered throughout the book, and disregard these in RDA records.

This particular title has a block of numbered plates after the main numbered sequence, so gets

300 __ ǂa 282 pages, 31 pages of plates : ǂb illustrations ; ǂc 25 cm.

Those plates are also represented with an f in the Ills fixed field:

Ills: af__

Московский метрополитен / О. Емельянов, Л. Карпухин. (OCLC #869836375)

I am puzzled by RDA which describes how to record plates, but also says to disregard unnumbered sequences of plates unless (a) they form a substantial part of the resource, or (b) include a plate that is referred to in a note. In practice, I am continuing to see even small numbers (8, 16) of unnoted plates recorded in the extent. Do you still record them?

This book about the subway system in Moscow was about half made up of plates, so I was able to record the “55 unnumbered pages of plates” without worry.