Reason and religion : philosophy and religion in a scientific age. (OCLC #59630)

Be careful when typing a general-sounding series title into an 830 and controlling it in OCLC; if it’s in a 430 for a more specific series, it may do something you don’t expect!

This resource appears to have a series title “general studies”, a phrase which appears in a 430 for the heading:

Cass library of African studies. General studies

so an 830 controls to that heading.

That’s not the desired link; the book in hand is not from the right publisher, nor is it about African studies, so I ended up just including it untraced:

490 0_ ǂa General studies

(I once saw this in a medical book record, where “case files” was controlled as “Scooby-Doo! case files”!)


Quimbois, magie noire et sorcellerie aux Antilles : avec 61 pantacles et sceaux magiques / Ary Ebroïn. (OCLC #3514396)

RDA 8.5.4 on Accents and Other Diacritical Marks in names says to record them as they appear on the source of information, like:

100 1_ ǂa Ebroïn, Ary.

In OCLC Connexion, you can type characters with diacritics by typing the unaccented character, and then adding the diacritic with Edit -> Enter diacritics… (Ctrl-E). Pasting in pre-composed characters from another source will produce an error about data needing to be ALA characters.


Conoco’s tar sands development in South Texas / Michael W. Britton. (OCLC #898578225)

This title is about tar sands in South Texas. The authorized heading Oil sands can be subdivided geographically, and a geographic term is available for South Texas (South Texas), so we can assign the heading.

650 _0 ǂa Oil sands ǂz Texas, South.

I was surprised that OCLC’s Generate043 macro did not trigger based on this heading, so added the 043 for Texas by hand:

043 __ ǂa n-us-tx

I wonder which other headings are not being detected? Code for the macro is available from Connexion’s Tools -> Macros, and though it is over 2000 lines long, much of it is data, so it seems reasonable to read – maybe I’ll bring this one next time it’s my turn to host Code Club.


Green woodwork : working with wood the natural way / Mike Abbott ; with a foreword by Richard La Trobe Bateman. (OCLC #27431448)

This volume is a 1991 reprint of a title originally published in 1989. Had I been doing original cataloging for this piece, I would have recorded only the 1989 publication date (like in this record) as printing date does not justify a new record in OCLC. There is a more popular (DLC) record for the reprint itself, indicating a publication with these fields:

DtSt: r      Dates 1991, 1989
260 __ ǂa Lewes, East Sussex : ǂb Guild of Master Craftsman
    Publications ; ǂa New York, N.Y. : ǂb Distributed by
    Sterling Pub., ǂc 1991.
500 __ ǂa Reprint. Originally published: 1989.

The Date: search box only searches the Date1 index (yr:) but not the Date2 index (yy:), so restricting the search to 1989 did not find the DLC record. When I’m not sure how a title has been cataloged but still wish to restrict by date, I use a range:

Date: 1989-1991

The public papers of governor Martha Layne Collins, 1983-1987 / Elizabeth Duffy Fraas, editor. (OCLC #884916739)

If you are cataloging a digitized copy of a print book, you can use the OCLC macro OCLC!GenerateERecord while viewing a print record to create a workform with the same information, edited somewhat to indicate that it is an ebook. You’ll still have to do some editing, but it is a good start!


On-site staff evaluation of U.S. counter-narcotics activities in Panama, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia : a staff report / prepared for the use of the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control. (OCLC #36934249)

When searching for hyphenated words in word indexes (such as the title index ti:) in Connexion, substitute a space for the hyphen or the search may not retrieve the records you’re looking for, even if your search is surrounded by quotes.

For example, this title (ti:) search does not retrieve any records:

"On-site staff evaluation of U.S. counter-narcotics
    activities in Panama, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia"

but this one does:

"On site staff evaluation of U.S. counter narcotics
    activities in Panama, Peru, Brazil, and Bolivia"

Oddly enough, these title searches retrieve the record just fine:

"On-site staff evaluation"
"u.s. counter-narcotics"

but this one does not:

"u.s. counter-narcotics activities"

so the actual indexing may be more subtle.