Conoco’s tar sands development in South Texas / Michael W. Britton. (OCLC #898578225)

This title is about tar sands in South Texas. The authorized heading Oil sands can be subdivided geographically, and a geographic term is available for South Texas (South Texas), so we can assign the heading.

650 _0 ǂa Oil sands ǂz Texas, South.

I was surprised that OCLC’s Generate043 macro did not trigger based on this heading, so added the 043 for Texas by hand:

043 __ ǂa n-us-tx

I wonder which other headings are not being detected? Code for the macro is available from Connexion’s Tools -> Macros, and though it is over 2000 lines long, much of it is data, so it seems reasonable to read – maybe I’ll bring this one next time it’s my turn to host Code Club.


The stone money of Yap : a numismatic survey / Cora Lee C. Gillilland. (OCLC #1255837)

The subject heading for Yap is:

Yap (Micronesia)

(direct order) so if that were the main subject of the title, that subject would be assigned in a 651. The authority record for that heading includes this field:

781 _0 ǂz Micronesia (Federated States) ǂz Yap

The 781 field is “Subdivision Linking Entry-Geographic Subdivision”, so indicates how that heading should be used as a geographic subdivision of a topical heading (indirect order). In this bib record, this appears as:

650 _0 ǂa Ethnology ǂz Micronesia (Federated States) ǂz Yap.