The world broke in two : Virginia Woolf, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, E.M. Forster and the year that changed literature / Bill Goldstein. (OCLC #970042762)

Subject Heading Manual section H 620 on establishing chronological subject headings says:

Establish headings for centuries, decades, or years using words, not numbers.

    650 _0 ǂa Nineteen twenty-two, A.D.

It also says:

This differs from the practice for subdivisions where numbers are preferred.

    650 _0 ǂa Literature and society ǂx History ǂy 20th century.

Shackles from the deep : tracing the path of a sunken slave ship, a bitter past, and a rich legacy / by Michael H. Cottman. (OCLC #946580015)

RDA 11.0, the purpose and scope section of the chapter on Corporate bodies, includes this clarifying statement (emphasis mine):

Ad hoc events (e.g., athletic contests, exhibitions, expeditions, fairs, and festivals) and vessels (e.g., ships and spacecraft) are considered to be corporate bodies.

so subject headings for individual ships are recording in 610 fields:

610 20 ǂa Henrietta Marie (Ship) ǂv Juvenile literature.

More general terms about types of ships are still topical headings:

650 _0 ǂa Slave ships ǂv Juvenile literature.

Higher learning / a New Deal Production. (OCLC #32908987)

Subject headings for groups of people do not always use the term preferred by that group:

650 _0 ǂa Nazis ǂv Drama.

After ten years : the court and the schools / CBS News ; producers, Philip Scheffler, William Peters ; directed by Norman Gorin. (OCLC #45218587)

There is no subject heading for “Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka”, though a subject authority record does exist for that heading. It is not intended for use as a 650 subject added entry (Subj use: b), but includes a complex see reference:

    260 __ ǂi the name headings ǂa Brown, Oliver, 1918- 
        ǂi and ǂa Topeka (Kan.). Board of Education, ǂi with 
        subdivision ǂa Trials, litigation, etc.


    600 10 ǂa Brown, Oliver, ǂd 1918-1961 ǂx Trials, litigation, etc.
    610 10 ǂa Topeka (Kan.). ǂb Board of Education
        ǂx Trials, litigation, etc.

The Kentucky Derby [electronic resource] : how the run for the roses became America’s premier sporting event / James C. Nicholson ; foreword by Chris McCarron. (OCLC #787846250)

The List of Ambiguous Headings indicates that Races (Contests) like the Kentucky Derby are treated as Meeting Names (X11), as in:

    611 20 ǂa Kentucky Derby ǂx History.

The stone money of Yap : a numismatic survey / Cora Lee C. Gillilland. (OCLC #1255837)

The subject heading for Yap is:

Yap (Micronesia)

(direct order) so if that were the main subject of the title, that subject would be assigned in a 651. The authority record for that heading includes this field:

781 _0 ǂz Micronesia (Federated States) ǂz Yap

The 781 field is “Subdivision Linking Entry-Geographic Subdivision”, so indicates how that heading should be used as a geographic subdivision of a topical heading (indirect order). In this bib record, this appears as:

650 _0 ǂa Ethnology ǂz Micronesia (Federated States) ǂz Yap.

América en Cervantes : entrega de la medalla de oro “José Vasconcelos 2013” / a Antonio Rey Hazas ; edición de José J. Labrador Herraiz. (OCLC #887155141)

The free-floating subdivision

    --Knowledge--[specific topic]

should be used under individual persons for works on the person’s knowledge or educational background of a specific topic. That topic itself should be assigned as an additional subject heading:

    600 10 ǂa Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, ǂd 1547-1616 ǂx Knowledge
ǂx America. 651 _0 ǂa America.

Small : thoughts and projects / Carl Turner Architects. (OCLC #868008743)

Where to classify a book when its subject has more than one facet? I often class architecture books under one of the “Special artist” call numbers for the country where the firm is based (e.g. NA997 for England), but this title is about a specific type of architecture: small buildings.

I searched our catalog for other titles in the small buildings classification (NA7533) and found quite a few; we must be collecting in that area, so I classified there.

Subject headings will provide access to this title for those looking for English architects.


This shelf range caught my eye as I was waiting for the compact shelving to open, and one of the titles looked a bit out of place. But it wasn’t!

Sex in public : the incarnation of early Soviet ideology / Eric Naiman. (OCLC #35450552)

Though other title information is not technically a core element in RDA (only title proper is), there are times when it gives needed context! Other title information is core for LC and NLA.

Not that we depend solely on the title for discovery; the record also has two good subject headings:

651 _0 ǂa Soviet Union ǂx History ǂy 1917-1936.
650 _0 ǂa Communism and sex ǂz Soviet Union.

and has been classed with other books about the first one (DK266 = History, Soviet Regime), though depending on the actual content of the book, it could also reasonably go under HX550.S49 (Communism and sex).


The role of energy in Iran-Turkey relations / Omid Shokri Kalehsar. (OCLC #873602124)

After reviewing the differences between the free-floating subdivisions –Relations, –Foreign relations, and –Military relations, I assigned this heading:

Iran ǂx Foreign relations ǂz Turkey.

When one of these relations subdivisions is further subdivided geographically, you need an additional heading with the geographic terms reversed (SHM, H 1629) so I assigned this one as well:

Turkey ǂx Foreign relations ǂz Iran.