This shelf range caught my eye as I was waiting for the compact shelving to open, and one of the titles looked a bit out of place. But it wasn’t!

Sex in public : the incarnation of early Soviet ideology / Eric Naiman. (OCLC #35450552)

Though other title information is not technically a core element in RDA (only title proper is), there are times when it gives needed context! Other title information is core for LC and NLA.

Not that we depend solely on the title for discovery; the record also has two good subject headings:

651 _0 ǂa Soviet Union ǂx History ǂy 1917-1936.
650 _0 ǂa Communism and sex ǂz Soviet Union.

and has been classed with other books about the first one (DK266 = History, Soviet Regime), though depending on the actual content of the book, it could also reasonably go under HX550.S49 (Communism and sex).

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