The terrible effects of the poison from the bite of a mad dog … (OCLC #509290216)

This record may have the longest 245 I’ve ever seen, at over 1900 characters long. But is it cataloged correctly? Do we have other options?

RDA (manifestation lacking a collective title) says to record the titles proper of the parts, which is what has been done in this case, and apparently makes for a very long list.

There is an alternative to devise a collective title (though LC/PCC says generally not to) so you could probably do something like:

    245 14 $a The terrible effects of the poison from the bite
        of a mad dog [and other works] / $c by Dr. Rowley.

and include the whole list of titles in a content note.

Which seems more useful?


Hallelujah / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; story and direction by King Vidor ; scenario by Wanda Tuchock ; treatment by Richard Schayer ; dialogue by Ransom Rideout. (OCLC #28249662)

RDA say to “not transcribe words that serve as an introduction and are not intended to be part of the title”, so this video’s record has:

245 00 ǂa Hallelujah / ǂc Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; story
    and direction by King Vidor ; scenario by Wanda Tuchock ;
    treatment by Richard Schayer ; dialogue by Ransom Rideout.

with King Vidor’s name in the statement of responsibility. Optionally, if considered important for access, you can record the form in which the title appears on the source of information as a variant title:

    246 3_ ǂa King Vidor's Hallelujah

Delphi series. Volume II / featuring Joy Ladin, Jennifer Litt, & Tasha Cotter. (OCLC #964571488)

I was very conflicted about identifying the title proper of this book. What may be considered a series statement is most prominent on the cover, followed by the publisher (Blue Lyra Press), with the titles of the contained works in smaller print near the bottom. One could consider it a work with no collective title, but there is a main title page that does not include these individual titles at all, so I went with what was presented as a title and statement of responsibility on that source:

    245 10 ǂa Delphi series. ǂn Volume II / ǂc featuring
        Joy Ladin, Jennifer Litt, & Tasha Cotter.

I also included a variant title entry for the publisher, as its placement may cause it to be mistaken for a title:

    246 3_ ǂa Blue Lyra Press

The individual titles are in a contents note and in name/title added entries.


Mujeres : entre la imagen y la acción / Julia Tuñón. (OCLC #945452399)

I chose as an initial call number for this title:

    HQ1462 .T86 2015

I checked the Library of Congress catalog to shelf-list, and found that this author has written another book about women in Mexico. I found myself comparing these two titles for filing order:

    Mujeres : entre la imagen y la acció
    Mujeres en México : una historia olvidada 

Which comes first: that first one, because its title proper comes first? Or the second one, because “en” comes before “entre”?

I checked the Filing Rules in the Library of Congress Classification and Shelflisting Manual, and found a couple of relevant guidelines:

5. Identical filing entries. Consider the title to extend only to the first significant mark of punctuation which will be either a period ( . ) or a slash ( / ).
16. Ampersand and other symbols. The ampersand (&) is the only symbol that has filing value. It follows spaces and precedes the lowest Arabic numeral or alphabetic character. Ignore all other symbols when filing into the shelflist.

Based on those guidelines, I considered the full title (not just the title proper) to be the entry to use for filing, and ignored the :, resulting in this order:

    Mujeres en México : una historia olvidad
    Mujeres : entre la imagen y la acció

and used the call number: HQ1462 .T885 2015


Therapy sessions : demonstrations / with John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman. (OCLC #900897868)

This DVD set had so many titles that I had a hard time selecting one for the Title proper.

The title screen on the first DVD (where I would normally look, following RDA read “Scripts for marital therapy training”. This phrase did not appear on any of the other discs, so I was not sure it was a collective title, and not just a title for first disc.The label on the disc was similar to the container: “Therapy sessions: demonstrations”. The disc menu (on all discs) only has the title “Assessment & intervention”.

I selected the title from the container/disc label as it was the most prominent (it was also chosen for different editions) and used the others as variant titles:

245 00 Therapy sessions : demonstrations / ǂc with John Gottman
and Julie Schwartz Gottman. 246 1_ ǂi Title on disc menu screens: ǂa Assessment & intervention 246 1_ ǂi Title on disc 1 opening title: ǂa Scripts for marital therapy

In [U]mbra : ǂb демонология как семиотическая система / ǂc ответственные редакторы и составители Д. И. Антонов, О. В. Христофорова. (OCLC #896742190)

Even on the title page, the U in the word “Umbra” is represented as some kind of animal; it is probably a demon, given the subject of the book.

RDA 1.7.5 on Symbols has an LC-PCC PS with instructions on handling symbols with an obvious spoken or written equivalent, which the picture of the demon has. I added a note about this detail:

500 __ ǂa On title page, "[U]" appears as a demon.

Zooming in : the cosmos at high resolution / edited by Regina von Berlepsch. (OCLC #868967245)

My library has no other volumes of this serial, so I chose to catalog this one as a monograph, classified separately, with the series traced. I found two monograph records for this particular volume in OCLC, and the more popular one recorded the title as:

    245 00 ǂa Reviews in modern astronomy. ǂn 23, ǂp Zooming in:
      the cosmos at high resolution / ǂc edited by Regina von

This is a reasonable approach, as the series title is more prominent than the volume title, even on the title page, but I prefer to use the volume title as the title proper, with the series in a series statement / added entry:

    490 1_ ǂa Reviews in modern astronomy ; ‡v 23
    830 _0 ǂa Reviews in modern astronomy ; ‡v 23.

Our analyzing, tracing and classifying decisions for this series differ from LC practice, so I edited our local series authority to reflect this.

I expect these two records will eventually be merged, as differing selection of title proper does not justify a new record.


This shelf range caught my eye as I was waiting for the compact shelving to open, and one of the titles looked a bit out of place. But it wasn’t!

Sex in public : the incarnation of early Soviet ideology / Eric Naiman. (OCLC #35450552)

Though other title information is not technically a core element in RDA (only title proper is), there are times when it gives needed context! Other title information is core for LC and NLA.

Not that we depend solely on the title for discovery; the record also has two good subject headings:

651 _0 ǂa Soviet Union ǂx History ǂy 1917-1936.
650 _0 ǂa Communism and sex ǂz Soviet Union.

and has been classed with other books about the first one (DK266 = History, Soviet Regime), though depending on the actual content of the book, it could also reasonably go under HX550.S49 (Communism and sex).