Therapy sessions : demonstrations / with John Gottman and Julie Schwartz Gottman. (OCLC #900897868)

This DVD set had so many titles that I had a hard time selecting one for the Title proper.

The title screen on the first DVD (where I would normally look, following RDA read “Scripts for marital therapy training”. This phrase did not appear on any of the other discs, so I was not sure it was a collective title, and not just a title for first disc.The label on the disc was similar to the container: “Therapy sessions: demonstrations”. The disc menu (on all discs) only has the title “Assessment & intervention”.

I selected the title from the container/disc label as it was the most prominent (it was also chosen for different editions) and used the others as variant titles:

245 00 Therapy sessions : demonstrations / ǂc with John Gottman
and Julie Schwartz Gottman. 246 1_ ǂi Title on disc menu screens: ǂa Assessment & intervention 246 1_ ǂi Title on disc 1 opening title: ǂa Scripts for marital therapy

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