Biometrika tables for statisticians. Volume 2 / edited by E.S. Pearson and H.O. Hartley. (OCLC #223625397)

Despite this 1972 volume being marked as Volume 2, I was most comfortable having it on its own record in the catalog. The preface even says “We claim no more than that our Volume 2 is one of many possible companions to Volume 1.” The volume does not have its own unique title, so Volume 2 is in the 245 ǂn (number of part).

One reason for the oddness is that Volume 1 of this title had a lengthy publishing history of its own, described in our 1984 printing:

    First Edition 1954
    Reprinted 1956
    Second edition 1958
    Reprinted 1962
    Third Edition 1966
    Reprinted with additions 1970
    Reprinted with corrections 1976
    Reprinted 1984

Though we have several versions of Volume 1 in our collection (1958, 1966, 1976), the piece in hand is not specifically “part 2” of any of our volume 1’s.


Zooming in : the cosmos at high resolution / edited by Regina von Berlepsch. (OCLC #868967245)

My library has no other volumes of this serial, so I chose to catalog this one as a monograph, classified separately, with the series traced. I found two monograph records for this particular volume in OCLC, and the more popular one recorded the title as:

    245 00 ǂa Reviews in modern astronomy. ǂn 23, ǂp Zooming in:
      the cosmos at high resolution / ǂc edited by Regina von

This is a reasonable approach, as the series title is more prominent than the volume title, even on the title page, but I prefer to use the volume title as the title proper, with the series in a series statement / added entry:

    490 1_ ǂa Reviews in modern astronomy ; ‡v 23
    830 _0 ǂa Reviews in modern astronomy ; ‡v 23.

Our analyzing, tracing and classifying decisions for this series differ from LC practice, so I edited our local series authority to reflect this.

I expect these two records will eventually be merged, as differing selection of title proper does not justify a new record.