The terrible effects of the poison from the bite of a mad dog … (OCLC #509290216)

This record may have the longest 245 I’ve ever seen, at over 1900 characters long. But is it cataloged correctly? Do we have other options?

RDA (manifestation lacking a collective title) says to record the titles proper of the parts, which is what has been done in this case, and apparently makes for a very long list.

There is an alternative to devise a collective title (though LC/PCC says generally not to) so you could probably do something like:

    245 14 $a The terrible effects of the poison from the bite
        of a mad dog [and other works] / $c by Dr. Rowley.

and include the whole list of titles in a content note.

Which seems more useful?


A treatise of the lawes of the forest : wherein is declared not onely those lawes, as they are now in force, but also the originall and beginning of forests : and what a forest is in his owne proper nature, and wherein the same doth differ from a chase, a parke, or a warren, with all such things as are incident or belonging thereunto, with their seuerall proper tearmes of art ; also a Treatise of the pourallee : declaring what pourallee is, how the same first began, what a pourallee man may do, how he may hunt and vse his owne pourallee, how farre he may pursue and follow after his chase, together with the limits and bounds, as well of the forest, as the pourallee : collected, as well out of the common lawes and statutes of this land, as also out of sundrie learned auncient authors, and out of the Assises of Pickering and Lancaster / by Iohn Manvvood ; whereunto are added the statutes of the forest, a Treatise of the seuerall offices of verderors, regardors, and foresters, & the Courts of Attachments, Swanimote, & Iustice seat of the Forest, and certaine principall Cases, Iudgements, and Entries of the Assises of Pickering and Lancaster: neuer heretofore printed for the publique. (OCLC #7955672)

In a modern computerized ILS, there is little marginal cost for each additional access point. In a card catalog however, each access point (title, authors, subjects, series) will be a heading on its own card in the catalog. If the title (and thus the record) is long enough to span multiple cards, each heading will also generate multiple cards!

This set of cards cut off nearly half the ISBD Area 1 paragraph (italicized above), including the full description only on the shelf list card.