Delphi series. Volume II / featuring Joy Ladin, Jennifer Litt, & Tasha Cotter. (OCLC #964571488)

I was very conflicted about identifying the title proper of this book. What may be considered a series statement is most prominent on the cover, followed by the publisher (Blue Lyra Press), with the titles of the contained works in smaller print near the bottom. One could consider it a work with no collective title, but there is a main title page that does not include these individual titles at all, so I went with what was presented as a title and statement of responsibility on that source:

    245 10 ǂa Delphi series. ǂn Volume II / ǂc featuring
        Joy Ladin, Jennifer Litt, & Tasha Cotter.

I also included a variant title entry for the publisher, as its placement may cause it to be mistaken for a title:

    246 3_ ǂa Blue Lyra Press

The individual titles are in a contents note and in name/title added entries.

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