Легенды и предания украины / автор-составитель Игорь Николаевич Кузнецов (OCLC #893118886)

Both “Ukraine–Folklore” and “Folklore–Ukraine” are valid subject headings – so which is appropriate in this case?

Folklore is a subject heading for folklore texts, which may be subdivided geographically for the source of the folklore.

–Folklore is a free-floating subdivision “for collections of folklore texts on those subjects or for works about those subjects as themes in folklore”

We assigned Folklore–Ukraine to this text; the other formation is much less common!


América en Cervantes : entrega de la medalla de oro “José Vasconcelos 2013” / a Antonio Rey Hazas ; edición de José J. Labrador Herraiz. (OCLC #887155141)

The free-floating subdivision

    --Knowledge--[specific topic]

should be used under individual persons for works on the person’s knowledge or educational background of a specific topic. That topic itself should be assigned as an additional subject heading:

    600 10 ǂa Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, ǂd 1547-1616 ǂx Knowledge
ǂx America. 651 _0 ǂa America.