Reason and religion : philosophy and religion in a scientific age. (OCLC #59630)

Be careful when typing a general-sounding series title into an 830 and controlling it in OCLC; if it’s in a 430 for a more specific series, it may do something you don’t expect!

This resource appears to have a series title “general studies”, a phrase which appears in a 430 for the heading:

Cass library of African studies. General studies

so an 830 controls to that heading.

That’s not the desired link; the book in hand is not from the right publisher, nor is it about African studies, so I ended up just including it untraced:

490 0_ ǂa General studies

(I once saw this in a medical book record, where “case files” was controlled as “Scooby-Doo! case files”!)

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