Miradas cruzadas : escritoras, artistas e imaginarios (España-EE.UU., 1830-1930) / Fernanda Bustamante, Beatriz Ferrús, coords. (OCLC #906789987)

“About the author” sections are gold for selecting established authorized access points for authors/contributors. Though the text might not include the specific distinguishing formation included in the established heading (middle name, year of birth), they often include information that might appear in the name authority record, such as affiliation with particular institutions, or other works they have authored or contributed to.

For both of these authorities, the titles listed in the 670 fields also appear in this resource’s “sobre los autores” section:

700 1_ ǂa Bustamante, Fernanda, ǂe editor.
700 1_ ǂa Ferrús Antón, Beatriz, ǂd 1977- ǂe editor.

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