Of course Fiona has her own name authority record!

Following RDA, the name authority record for Real Non-human Entities should have a designation for type, species, or breed, in this case “Hippopotamus”:

    368  ǂc Hippopotamus ǂ2 lcsh

Following RDA, the authorized access point may include such a designation to distinguish from access points for people with similar names:

    600 00 ǂa Fiona ǂc (Hippopotamus), ǂd 2017-

Adding the author relator term to this record’s 100 field was slightly tricky: it started as:

100 1_ ǂa Lee, Vladimir Ya.

but that period at the end was not added to the end of the 100; it is part of the access point itself. The author was born in Russian Federation, and Ya (Я) appears to be his middle initial, so we keep its period accordingly:

100 1_ ǂa Lee, Vladimir Ya., ǂe author.

Muhammad Ali : skill, brains and guts! / produced by Bill Cayton ; directed by Jim Jacobs ; A Big Fights, Inc. presentation. (OCLC #35717603)

RDA on constructing the authorized access point for a person says to use the preferred name for the person as a basis for the AAP; in this case, “Muhammad Ali”:

100 1_ ǂa Ali, Muhammad, ǂd 1942-2016

Variant access points (RDA 9.19.2) may be added based on other names associated with that person, such as names they’ve been previously known by, forms or spellings of their name that appear in other sources, or forms that might reasonably be searched:

400 1_ ǂa Clay, Cassius, ǂd 1942-2016
400 0_ ǂa Cassius X, ǂd 1942-2016
400 1_ ǂa X, Cassius, ǂd 1942-2016
400 1_ ǂa Ali, Muhammed, ǂd 1942-2016
400 0_ ǂa Muhammad Ali, ǂd 1942-2016
400 0_ ǂa Muhammed Ali, ǂd 1942-2016
400 1_ ǂa Clay, Cassius Marcellus, ǂc Jr., ǂd 1942-2016

Ioannis Saresberiensis episcopi Carnotensis Policratici sive De nugis curialium et vestigiis philosophorum libri VIII / recognovit et prolegomenis, apparatu critico, commentario, indicibus instruxit Clemens C.I. Webb. (OCLC #965502804)

I was a little puzzled when I saw the author’s name on the front of this reprint. “John”? Just John? (Did he sign up for the NAF first before any other Johns got there that he needed to be disambiguated from?)

The authorized form of the author’s name made this clear:

100 0_ ǂa John, ǂc of Salisbury, Bishop of Chartres, ǂd -1180.

This particular John (of Salisbury) was best known by his forename (rather than a surname), so his authorized access point in the name authority file is established that way as well. The first indicator (0) of this 100 field indicates that we have a forename type element here.


Treasures from Japan : in the Yale University Library = イェール大学図書館所蔵日本関係資料 / edited by Daniel V. Botsman, Edward Kamens, Kondō Shigekazu, Nakamura Haruko. (OCLC #900294252)

It’s fun to see “Librarian” as a name qualifier in an authorized access point:

700 1_ Nakamura, Haruko ǂc (Librarian)

A personal name search for “librarian” in the authority file results in 243 matches! Only three for “cataloger” though:

  • Cooke, Esther ǂc (Cataloger)
  • Liheng, Carol (in a variant access point)
  • Thomas, Margaret, ǂc Cataloger
  • Wallace, Ruth ǂc (Cataloger)

Memoría histórica y poscolonialismo en Corea del Sur : los usos del pasado en el nuevo cine documental / María del Pilar Álvarez. (OCLC #965255325)

This volume had a prominent “Korea Foundation” logo on it, and an explanatory statement on the title page verso, which I included in a quoted note:

500 __ ǂa "The Korea foundation has provided financial assistance
    for the undertaking of this publication project"--Title page

I also wanted to include an added entry for the foundation with a “sponsoring body” relationship, but had some difficulty locating its AAP. A Corporate / Conference Name authority search for “Korea Foundation” returned 55 results, most of which were romanized Korean; I assumed most of them had something including “Korea Foundation” as a 410, but as the results list only shows the authorized access points (110), I could not quickly identify which was the one I was looking for.

I looked up the foundation on Wikipedia, and found its name in Korean (한국국제교류재단) which I used to repeat my OCLC search, and quickly find the authority I was looking for:

    110 2_ ǂa Han'guk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan
    410 2_ ǂa Korea Foundation

for inclusion in my bib record:

710 2_ ǂa Han'guk Kukche Kyoryu Chaedan, ǂe sponsoring body.

I realized then that I could have also done the search on the web site, whose search results do actually include the text of the 410 with a References link to get you to the authorized form:

I will try to remember that for future similar searches!


你在高原 / 张炜著. (OCLC #646079620)

RDA under Authorized Access Point Representing a Person says to include the date of birth and/or date of death if needed to distinguish one authorized access point from another, and also to include the month or month and day if needed to distinguish one access point from another.

Wei Zhang is a common Chinese name, so this author’s name was established as:

    Zhang, Wei, ǂd 1956 November 7-

to distinguish him from all other Wei Zhangs, including:

    Zhang, Wei, ǂd 1956-
    Zhang, Wei, ǂd 1956 February-

Coprésences, entrecroisements : le pictural et le narratif chez Marie-Claire Blais et Sergio Kokis / Kirsty Bell. (OCLC #892302761)

One major goal of authority work is distinguishing between people with similar (or same!) names. For example, this title is by Kirsty Bell, professor of French in Canada, whose authorized access point is established as:

Bell, Kirsty, 1975-

Her date of birth is included to distinguish her from Kirsty Bell, a writer and critic in Berlin, whose authorized access point had already been established as:

Bell, Kirsty

Miradas cruzadas : escritoras, artistas e imaginarios (España-EE.UU., 1830-1930) / Fernanda Bustamante, Beatriz Ferrús, coords. (OCLC #906789987)

“About the author” sections are gold for selecting established authorized access points for authors/contributors. Though the text might not include the specific distinguishing formation included in the established heading (middle name, year of birth), they often include information that might appear in the name authority record, such as affiliation with particular institutions, or other works they have authored or contributed to.

For both of these authorities, the titles listed in the 670 fields also appear in this resource’s “sobre los autores” section:

700 1_ ǂa Bustamante, Fernanda, ǂe editor.
700 1_ ǂa Ferrús Antón, Beatriz, ǂd 1977- ǂe editor.

The pagan book of living and dying : practical rituals, prayers, blessings, and meditations on crossing over / Starhawk, M. Macha NightMare, and the Reclaiming Collective. (OCLC #37238970)

RDA on Recording Names Consisting of a Phrase says to record that phrase according to record the phrase in direct order, and apply general guidelines for names (RDA 8.5).

This record has the heading:

100 0_ ǂa Starhawk.

Note the first indicator 0 indicating “Forename”.