Treasures from Japan : in the Yale University Library = イェール大学図書館所蔵日本関係資料 / edited by Daniel V. Botsman, Edward Kamens, Kondō Shigekazu, Nakamura Haruko. (OCLC #900294252)

It’s fun to see “Librarian” as a name qualifier in an authorized access point:

700 1_ Nakamura, Haruko ǂc (Librarian)

A personal name search for “librarian” in the authority file results in 243 matches! Only three for “cataloger” though:

  • Cooke, Esther ǂc (Cataloger)
  • Liheng, Carol (in a variant access point)
  • Thomas, Margaret, ǂc Cataloger
  • Wallace, Ruth ǂc (Cataloger)

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