Coprésences, entrecroisements : le pictural et le narratif chez Marie-Claire Blais et Sergio Kokis / Kirsty Bell. (OCLC #892302761)

One major goal of authority work is distinguishing between people with similar (or same!) names. For example, this title is by Kirsty Bell, professor of French in Canada, whose authorized access point is established as:

Bell, Kirsty, 1975-

Her date of birth is included to distinguish her from Kirsty Bell, a writer and critic in Berlin, whose authorized access point had already been established as:

Bell, Kirsty

The Oprah phenomenon / edited by Jennifer Harris and Elwood Watson ; with a foreword by Robert J. Thompson. (OCLC #900086861)

The foreword by Robert J. Thompson is advertised on the cover, so seemed like useful information to include. Though it does not appear on the title page, I added it to the statement of responsibility without brackets; RDA says that it may be taken from anywhere on the resource, and only needs brackets if it is taken from somewhere outside the resource.

I also wanted to add an authorized access point for Robert J. Thompson, but he has a very common name. A search for “robert thompson” in the authority file brought up more than a hundred results (including variants like Bob and Bobby) many of which had helpful qualifiers like “Musician” but most of which only had a date of birth.

The book does not provide his date of birth, but does note his affiliation with Syracuse University. Using this information, I found a Wikipedia article for him, which provided his date of birth, as well as several other works by him. I searched OCLC for some of these other works, and used them to identify his access point:

700 1_ Thompson, Robert J., ǂd 1959- ǂe writer of foreword.

His name authority record is very brief. Had it identified him as a media scholar (as the title of the wikipedia article does) or included his affiliation with Syracuse, that would have saved some work; I’m glad that RDA is leaning that way for authority work.