Muhammad Ali : skill, brains and guts! / produced by Bill Cayton ; directed by Jim Jacobs ; A Big Fights, Inc. presentation. (OCLC #35717603)

RDA on constructing the authorized access point for a person says to use the preferred name for the person as a basis for the AAP; in this case, “Muhammad Ali”:

100 1_ ǂa Ali, Muhammad, ǂd 1942-2016

Variant access points (RDA 9.19.2) may be added based on other names associated with that person, such as names they’ve been previously known by, forms or spellings of their name that appear in other sources, or forms that might reasonably be searched:

400 1_ ǂa Clay, Cassius, ǂd 1942-2016
400 0_ ǂa Cassius X, ǂd 1942-2016
400 1_ ǂa X, Cassius, ǂd 1942-2016
400 1_ ǂa Ali, Muhammed, ǂd 1942-2016
400 0_ ǂa Muhammad Ali, ǂd 1942-2016
400 0_ ǂa Muhammed Ali, ǂd 1942-2016
400 1_ ǂa Clay, Cassius Marcellus, ǂc Jr., ǂd 1942-2016

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