Saving the Great Swamp : battle to defeat the jetport / a film by Scott Morris ; co-produced by Larry Fast ; written by Scott Morris and Larry Fast. (OCLC #1050114007)

The credits in this documentary include that it was inspired by a book on the same topic. Following OLAC’s Best Practices for Cataloging DVD/Blu-Ray", I added this as a note:

    500 __ ǂa "Inspired by: Saving the Great Swamp: the people,
        the power brokers, an urban wilderness, by Cam Cavanaugh."

as well as an access point for the book it was inspired by, taking the relationship designator from RDA J.2.2:

    700 1_ ǂi inspired by: ǂa Cavanaugh, Cam, ǂd 1931-. 
        ǂt Saving the Great Swamp. 

Later in the credits, I spotted the author of the book as a consultant for the documentary, so added an access point specifically for him as well:

    700 1_ Cavanaugh, Cam, ǂd 1931- ǂe consultant.

An… / ē Village parousiazei mia paragogē tēs Village Plus ; executive producer, Kōstas Sousoulas ; senario-skēnothesia, Christophoros Papakaliatēs. (OCLC #983819304)

I am puzzled by the aspect ratio on the container of this DVD:

    Εικόνα 16:9/2.35

I know that 16:9 is a common ratio for film, and that appears to be the ratio of the whole screen that displays on my computer including the black letterbox bars (the bars stay, even if I re-size/re-shape the window). So why 2.35? I understand that this is terminology for anamorphic format and that the ratio is complicated, but the aspect ratio of the picture itself appears closer to 2:1 (I held up a ruler to the screen and measured) than to 2.35:1.

So I’m still not sure what the data on the container means, but it is definitely wide screen (ratio is 1.5:1 or greater), so I recorded this as:

    500  Wide screen.
    500  "Εικόνα 16:9/2.35."

Any thoughts?


Brother outsider : the life of Bayard Rustin / Independent Television Service presents ; a production of Question Why Films ; produced and directed by Nancy Kates, Bennett Singer. (OCLC #830187476)

The DVD on the left is already in our collection; we received the one on the right for cataloging. They are the same film, just from different distributors, so everything appears the same except for the style of the credits. We don’t typically collect duplicates; should both go into the collection?

This was a collection development decision; we bumped the question to the selector, who said yes.


The hunger games. Mockingjay / Lionsgate presents ; a Color Force/Lionsgate production ; produced by Nina Jacobson, Jon Kilik ; screenplay by Peter Craig and Danny Strong ; adaptation by Suzanne Collins ; directed by Francis Lawrence. (OCLC #961480896)

OLAC’s Best Practices for Cataloging DVD-Video and Blu-ray Discs Using RDA and MARC21 indicate that widescreen presentation of a DVD may be recorded as an edition statement when it is presented as such:

    250 __ $a Widescreen edition.

Regardless of whether it appears as an edition statement, it should also be recorded in a 500 note:

    500 __ $a Wide screen (2.4:1).

As many fields that we used to record as free-text in a 538 note now are recorded in specific fields (like 344 for sound characteristics, 346 for video characteristics), it is tempting to put this information into 345 (Projection Characteristics of Moving Image) which has a subfield for presentation format, but this should not be done. This field is only for use with actual motion picture film, and should not be used for DVDs.


Aurelio : rebel with a cause / Modern Legacies presents a documentary by Camilo Vila ; produced by Kert Vander Meulen, Henry Vargas, Camilo Vila ; directed by Camilo Vila ; executive producers Orlando Jiménez Leal, Gilberto de Cárdenas, Eduardo Palmer. (OCLC #904341145)

I cataloged this DVD using the new DVD/Blu-Ray best practices guide from OLAC.

Though recording performers, narrators and presenters is not required, I most enjoyed recording this cast list:

511 1_ ǂa Joseph Cordieri (Aurelio the music student), Alexandre
    Mangin (Aurelio as a child), Norman Smith (Igor Stravinsky),
    Henry Vargas (Chauffeur), Fabiola Robaina (nun).

Supernatural. The complete first season [videorecording] / Warner Bros. Entertainment ; created by Eric Kripke. (OCLC #178961060)

We got this (used) DVD set as a gift to the library from a professor using it for his class. Though the packaging says “quality guaranteed”, I confirmed that we had all the correct discs and that each one would play. Though I probably could have quickly done the copy cataloging based on the container and assumed everything was fine, I’d prefer not to leave any problems for the professor to discover in class while he still has time to return the item to the seller.

The same professor gave us two seasons of The Rockford Files as well; should be a fun class!


Mikra Anglia. (OCLC #883268494)

Transliteration can be more than a strict single character-by-character substitution. For example, the ALA-LC Romanization table for Modern Greek equates the vernacular “γγ” with “ng” rather than “gg”.

The cataloger also supplied a translation of the title in a 242:

242 10 ǂa Little England. ǂy eng


Young Lakota / a co-production of Cine Qua Non, Inc. and the Independent Television Service ; produced and directed by Marion Lipschutz & Rose Rosenblatt ; executive producer: Heather Rae. (OCLC #867875362, OCLC #859210773)

These two discs appear identical except for the running time; they even have the same DVD menu and credits as far as I can tell. From the invoice, I determined that one was the Film Festival version and the other was the Broadcast version, but I had to do some digging to figure out which was which, and make a new record for the one that was not in OCLC. (As one is an abridgement of the other, I’d consider them at least different expressions!)