Saving the Great Swamp : battle to defeat the jetport / a film by Scott Morris ; co-produced by Larry Fast ; written by Scott Morris and Larry Fast. (OCLC #1050114007)

The credits in this documentary include that it was inspired by a book on the same topic. Following OLAC’s Best Practices for Cataloging DVD/Blu-Ray", I added this as a note:

    500 __ ǂa "Inspired by: Saving the Great Swamp: the people,
        the power brokers, an urban wilderness, by Cam Cavanaugh."

as well as an access point for the book it was inspired by, taking the relationship designator from RDA J.2.2:

    700 1_ ǂi inspired by: ǂa Cavanaugh, Cam, ǂd 1931-. 
        ǂt Saving the Great Swamp. 

Later in the credits, I spotted the author of the book as a consultant for the documentary, so added an access point specifically for him as well:

    700 1_ Cavanaugh, Cam, ǂd 1931- ǂe consultant.