An… / ē Village parousiazei mia paragogē tēs Village Plus ; executive producer, Kōstas Sousoulas ; senario-skēnothesia, Christophoros Papakaliatēs. (OCLC #983819304)

I am puzzled by the aspect ratio on the container of this DVD:

    Εικόνα 16:9/2.35

I know that 16:9 is a common ratio for film, and that appears to be the ratio of the whole screen that displays on my computer including the black letterbox bars (the bars stay, even if I re-size/re-shape the window). So why 2.35? I understand that this is terminology for anamorphic format and that the ratio is complicated, but the aspect ratio of the picture itself appears closer to 2:1 (I held up a ruler to the screen and measured) than to 2.35:1.

So I’m still not sure what the data on the container means, but it is definitely wide screen (ratio is 1.5:1 or greater), so I recorded this as:

    500  Wide screen.
    500  "Εικόνα 16:9/2.35."

Any thoughts?

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