Windows file system troubleshooting / Mike Halsey, MVP, Andrew Bettany, MVP. (OCLC #915033915)

By the time this volume arrived at my desk for cataloging, it was already barcoded on the upper left cover, covering the only place that one of the series statements appeared! I found the title on, and was able to confirm the series statement there:

490 1_ ǂa The expert's voice in Microsoft Windows
830 _0 ǂa Expert's voice in Microsoft Windows.

Œuvres / Malebranche ; édition établie par Geneviève Rodis-Lewis, avec la collaboration de Germain Malbreil. (OCLC #6105260)

Series statements (including numbering) may not be prominent. This volume’s full statement is hidden in the back of the book among the printing information:

Ce volume, portant le numéro trois cent quatre-vingt-dix, de la “Bibliothèque de la Pléiade”…

RDA 1.8.3 on Numerals Expressed as Words (which applies to numbering within series) says to substitute numerals for numbers expressed as words, so this is recorded in the series statement as:

490 0_ ǂa Bibliothèque de la Pléiade ; ǂv 277, 390

Similarly, the series numbering example in the series authority record also indicates that this should be recorded as a numeral:

642 __ 283 ǂ5 DPCC ǂ5 DLC

so we record it that way in the series added entry:

830 _ 0 ǂa Bibliothèque de la Pléiade ; ǂv 277, 390

Cárok és kalandorok : a “zavaros időszak” története / Szvák Gyula. (OCLC #922582189)

Several booksellers described this book as being in the “rainbow” series (“Szivárvány”) but I didn’t find that word on the piece anywhere, just a rainbow on the cover. I included a series statement for it so that it would be searchable:

490 0_ ǂa [Szivárvány]

but left it untraced, and also put it in brackets (following RDA 2.2.4) because I got the wording from somewhere other than the piece itself.


The Canadians on the Somme, September to November, 1916 : a social history and battlefield tour / by N.M. Christie ; edited by S. Hickman. (OCLC #35972670)

The title of this series is presented two different ways on the piece:

  • For King & Empire
  • For King and Empire

In MARC, we record the series statement:

490 1_ ǂa For King & Empire ; ǂv v. 2

which corresponds to the RDA element Series statement, but there is no element or MARC field to record a variant series statement to provide access for the “For King and Empire” form.

In a different environment, we could represent the series as a separate work with its own title proper and variant titles, and link the two with “in series”/“series container of” relationships.


Slavery in medieval and early modern Iberia / William D. Phillips, Jr. (OCLC #842880495)

The record for this title includes a series statement “The middle ages series”, a phrase that I don’t see on the piece anywhere. This difference does not justify a new record in OCLC, so I put our holdings on the existing record. The publisher web site verifies that the book is in the series, so I am leaving the statement and added entry in our local record, but have bracketed the statement as described in the LC-PCC PS for RDA 2.2.4.