The 20-MW TVA atmospheric fluidized-bed boiler / prepared by Tennessee Valley Authority ; principal investigators, A. Manaker, J. Bass. (OCLC #22758855)

The Library of Congress Classification and Shelflisting Manual Part G 63 describes the process of assigning Cutter numbers in an LC call number.

This work has title as its main entry, so will be cuttered based on the title; since the title starts with the article ‘The’, we’ll base the cutter off of the next word, ’20-MW’, which starts with a numeral.

The manual’s section on Cuttering for numerals says “When Cuttering for Roman or Arabic numerals, use the Cutters .A12 – .A19.” Since this title starts with the numeral ‘2’, I was considering .A12, but the next instruction says:

Because of the infinite range of numbers, choose a Cutter
toward the center of the available span when Cuttering for the first numeral in a class. This will allow room for both smaller and larger numbers. Follow this practice even with relatively low numbers since decimal fractions are filed in numeric order before the number 1.

There were no other titles (or authors) starting with numerals in this part of our shelflist, so I followed the advice and cuttered with .A15:

   TH7140 .A15 1989

52 : roman / Liz Kovarni. (OCLC #946485456)

The class number PQ2711 is for French literature, individual authors from 2001 forward whose name starts with K, and cuttering based on the second letter of the name; for Liz Kovarni, we start with:


The second cutter is for the title of the work, which in this case is the number “52”.

The Library of Congress Classification and Shelflisting manual in its section on Cutter numbers (G 063) includes instructions for cuttering for numerals: When Cuttering for Roman or Arabic numerals, use the
Cutters .A12 – .A19. We can use:

    PQ2711.O89 A15 2015

Œuvres / Malebranche ; édition établie par Geneviève Rodis-Lewis, avec la collaboration de Germain Malbreil. (OCLC #6105260)

Series statements (including numbering) may not be prominent. This volume’s full statement is hidden in the back of the book among the printing information:

Ce volume, portant le numéro trois cent quatre-vingt-dix, de la “Bibliothèque de la Pléiade”…

RDA 1.8.3 on Numerals Expressed as Words (which applies to numbering within series) says to substitute numerals for numbers expressed as words, so this is recorded in the series statement as:

490 0_ ǂa Bibliothèque de la Pléiade ; ǂv 277, 390

Similarly, the series numbering example in the series authority record also indicates that this should be recorded as a numeral:

642 __ 283 ǂ5 DPCC ǂ5 DLC

so we record it that way in the series added entry:

830 _ 0 ǂa Bibliothèque de la Pléiade ; ǂv 277, 390