For memories’ sake / Lovell Films & Preservation Project present, a film by Ashley Maynor ; producer, Paul Harrill. (OCLC #651057604)

RDA on Details of Colour Content describes recording “details of the presence of colour, tone, etc., in the content of an expression, and the specific colours, tones, etc., including black and white, present. Record details of colour content if considered important for identification or selection.” There was a specific rule for color of moving image, but it has been deleted in a revision to RDA.

The OLAC best practices guide for DVD and Blu-Ray gives more detailed examples, including the one used in the physical description of this video:

300 __ ǂa 1 videodisc (29 min.) : ǂb sound, color with 
    black and white sequences ; ǂc 4 3/4 in.

Elle / un film réalisé par Paul Verhoeven ; Saïd Ben Saïd et Michel Merkt presentent une coproduction franco-allemande SBS Productions, Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion, France 2 Cinema, Entre Chien et Loup ; avec la participation de Canal+, France Televisions, OCS ; scénario de David Birke. (OCLC #967728402)

Thanks to Joel Hahn for this lovely new Connexion macro for adding common 34X fields for materials like DVD and Blu-Ray, audio CDs, VHS, records, large print, and playaway. I just selected the appropriate options from the pulldowns, and quickly added these fields that I used to look up when I needed them:

340  ǂb 4 3/4 in. ǂ2 rda
344  digital ǂb optical ǂg stereo ǂh Dolby digital 5.1 ǂ2 rda
346  ǂb PAL ǂ2 rda
347  video file ǂb DVD video ǂe region 2

3 Patrick Swayze favorites. (OCLC #907678359)

As a teenager, I applied for many jobs at video stores, having heard the rumors that you could borrow videos (for free!) in the evening as long as you brought them back the next morning. No luck getting hired back then, but now in cataloging, my dream has come true!

RDA on Duration of Component Parts says to record the duration of each component part, which I did in a contents note:

505 0_ ǂa Red dawn (114 min.) -- Road house (114 min.) --
    Youngblood (110 min.).

The OLAC best practices guide describes a practice for recording time in the physical description, when each component part has the same (or approximate) playing time

300 __ ǂa 3 videodiscs (approximately 2 hr. each) : ǂb sound, color ;
    ǂc 4 3/4 in.

I also included analytical entries to provide title access for each individual title.

740 02 ǂa Red dawn.
740 02 ǂa Road house.
740 02 ǂa Youngblood.

Kentucky pioneers / an instructional sound film produced by Erpi Classroom Films Inc. ; in collaboration with Thomas D. Clark and the staff of the Pioneer Memorial State Park, Harrodsburg, Kentucky. (OCLC #874761912)

A few notes about cataloging an old film re-released on DVD:

  • Black and white films are described in 300ǂb as “black and white”.
  • Publisher is an element that describes manifestation, so use the publisher of the DVD here. The original producer of the film may be in a 710 with ǂe film producer.
  • The date of publication should be taken from the disc surface if possible (this date is unlikely to be on the film’s title screen, and this is consistent with the AACR2 OLAC guide) ; the date of original release can go in a note, and fixed field Date2 with DtSt p.

I really wanted to include an access point for Thomas D. Clark (due to his connection with our institution) but had no details of his role other than “in collaboration with”. Producer? consultant? (performer?) This is a rare case where included an access point with no relationship designator.