3 Patrick Swayze favorites. (OCLC #907678359)

As a teenager, I applied for many jobs at video stores, having heard the rumors that you could borrow videos (for free!) in the evening as long as you brought them back the next morning. No luck getting hired back then, but now in cataloging, my dream has come true!

RDA on Duration of Component Parts says to record the duration of each component part, which I did in a contents note:

505 0_ ǂa Red dawn (114 min.) -- Road house (114 min.) --
    Youngblood (110 min.).

The OLAC best practices guide describes a practice for recording time in the physical description, when each component part has the same (or approximate) playing time

300 __ ǂa 3 videodiscs (approximately 2 hr. each) : ǂb sound, color ;
    ǂc 4 3/4 in.

I also included analytical entries to provide title access for each individual title.

740 02 ǂa Red dawn.
740 02 ǂa Road house.
740 02 ǂa Youngblood.