Analysis and design of singular Markovian jump systems / Guoliang Wang, Qingling Zhang, Xinggang Yan. (OCLC #881439388)

There are still quite a few undifferentiated name records in the authority file; they are identifiable in the fixed field:

Name: b

They have a main heading (not further specified with birth date, fuller form, etc.):

100 1_ ǂa Wang, Guoliang

and brief information about several people with that name who do not yet have their own records:

670  ǂa [Author of Tan hsiang chʻuan chi tien tung chi]
670  ǂa His Tan hsiang chʻuan chi tien tung chi, 1980: 
      ǂb t.p. (Wang Kuo-liang)
670  ǂa [Editor of Han Ying ching chi tzʻu tien]
670  ǂa Han Ying ching chi tzʻu tien, 1990: ǂb t.p. (Wang Kuo-liang)

Such headings are not usable under RDA, and can no longer be controlled in OCLC.