I︠A︡zykovai︠a︡ situat︠s︡ii︠a︡ Kievskoĭ Rusi i ee znachenie dli︠a︡ istorii russkogo literaturnogo i︠a︡zyka : [doklad na IX Mezhdunarodnom sʺezde slavistov, Kiev, 1983 g.] / B.A. Uspenskiĭ. (OCLC #10876369)

When copy cataloging, recall that pre-RDA records may abbreviate various words which you may not recognize if they are in an unfamiliar language. For example, where this piece says “Издательство” (Izdatelʹstvo, “publishing house”), the record I found abbreviated it as Izd-vo:

260 __ ǂa Moskva : ǂb Izd-vo Moskovskogo universiteta, ǂc 1983.

This makes such words not ideal for searching, and you may have to look closely to decide if the record you found matches the piece in hand.

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