Nuove curiosità storiche / Benedetto Croce. (OCLC #932131129)

This facsimile reprint has an added title page (for the new publisher), which is fortunate, as the included facsimile of the title page has part of the author’s name erased:

RDA on recording statement of responsibility for facsimiles and reproductions says to record the statement or statements of responsibility relating to the facsimile or reproduction, so I got to use the correct version:

245 10 ǂa Nuove curiosità storiche / ǂc Benedetto Croce.

It also sayes to record any statement of responsibility relating to the original manifestation as a statement of responsibility of a related manifestation. I could have done so as described in RDA 27.1 but decided against it; as it actually is correct on the original piece (which I also have in hand).

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