Waro Kishi + K Associates / Waro Kishi. (OCLC #922302784)

This stack of ten volumes are not numbered, but they share an ISBN:

    978-89-97603-28-2 (set)

I didn’t see a set title indicated on the volumes, so used the title from the architect’s web site and indicated that in a note.

The individual volumes don’t have numbering, so I used the order/numbering from another catalog record:

505 0_ ǂa [v. 1]. Kim House 1987 2011 -- [v. 2]. House in Nipponbashi
    -- [v. 3]. House in Higashi-Osaka, House in Shimogamo -- 
    [v. 4]. House in Fukaya -- [v. 5]. House in Kurakuen I, II -- 
    [v. 6]. House in Wakayama -- [v. 7]. Hu-Tong House -- 
    [v. 8]. House on Musashino-Hills -- [v. 9]. Glashaus -- 
    [v. 10]. House in Yamanoi.

I also included title added entries for each title:

700 12 ǂa Kishi, Warō, ǂd 1950- ǂt Kim House 1987 2011. 
710 12 ǂa Kishi, Warō, ǂd 1950- ǂt House in Nipponbashi.

in part to provide a good description, but also because they seem like likely searches for other catalogers with the volumes in hand.

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