From zero to puberty and other life stories : tales, confessions, and musings of a baby boomer / T.J. Donnelly. (OCLC #930875033)

I quickly assigned a subject heading to this title:

650 _0 ǂa Baby boom generation ǂv Biography.

but struggled to find a good call number. Often classes of people have a subclass; for example:

  • QD – Chemistry
  • QD21 – Biography of chemists (collective)
  • QD22 – Biography of chemists (individual)

There are also ranges for biographies of people associated with various locations (for example, F450 for Kentucky) but this author has lived in at least Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, and Nevada.

I also assigned a form subdivision for –Humor to bring out that aspect

650 _0 ǂa Baby boom generation ǂv Humor.

which led me to a better call number, PN6231.B22 (Wit and humor, Special topics A-Z, Baby boom generation) which in LC’s catalog contained many similar books. I cuttered by author to get:

    090 __ ǂa PN6231.B22 ǂb F76 2015