AccessMedicine / from McGraw-Hill Medical.  (various records)

Platform change!  Fortunately the old URLs redirect properly (hooray!) but surely the content is slightly different.  The title-list format is definitely different.

To avoid re-cataloging the whole platform, and to help reliably spot the differences, I re-formatted the old title/edition list (using vim) to match the new format, and compared the two side-by-side (with vimdiff, shown).

Blue on the right means a new title has been added; blue on the left means a title has disappeared. Pink just means a difference, sometimes a new edition to be cataloged, but sometimes just a variant in punctuation, spelling or title choice.

The title list documents were pretty different, but it looks like relatively little new cataloging is needed!  Next month will be simpler: I’ll download the current title list again, and compare with what I have now.

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